World’s best hypnotist: uncensored and unbelievably funny

By Emily Eiermann

Sailesh began his performance by advising the audience of his rules and guidelines.

There were no magic wands. There wasn’t a cape, a trick deck of cards or rabbits being pulled out of hats. However, there was still a sense of magic in the Yvonne Theater Wednesday night when renowned hypnotist Sailesh performed.

Sailesh was coined “The Best Hypnotist in the World” by MTV Europe after his video of a woman in Iceland having multiple orgasms went viral on the Internet, acquiring 15 million hits.

“They knew I was the most original and had the best personality,” Sailesh said.

The night was based on audience participation, with 28 people sitting in a row on stage, and Sailesh began by explaining the process of hypnosis and insisting that everyone hypnotizes themselves every day, if only for a couple of seconds. Then, he put on soothing music, turned toward the eager participants and started the show.

There was no stereotypical swinging necklace, but Sailesh did inform the 28 that they were slowly becoming drowsy. The students focused on breathing deeply while relaxing their muscles one at a time. After a few minutes, upon the touch of his hand, they were ordered to fall into a deep sleep. One by one, their heads dropped. The few who were not affected were sent back into the audience.

That was when the show truly began. He started off simply, describing a huge snowstorm. Slowly but surely, he began to drop the temperature. The students on stage began shivering, wrapping their arms around themselves. When he told them that the temperature dropped below zero, they began to hug one another in an attempt to keep warm, still trembling noticeably. The instant he told them to go back to sleep, however, their eyes snapped shut and it was as if none of it had happened.

He took them through a few scenes after that, including one involving a space mission to Mars and an unfriendly alien, a belt that he made everyone believe was a snake, a few television shows that evoked different emotions and a nude hypnotist.

All the while, the students were told to remain in their chairs. For the next scene, however, they were told to walk through the audience. He told them calmly that the ceiling was on fire, though no one else could see it because it was hidden by a thin curtain. He said that they need to evacuate everyone, but if the room gets too smoky, they can use their left shoe as an oxygen mask. After reminding them several times that they were not to panic and informing them that once they left the stage, they were only allowed to walk and talk in slow motion, Sailesh released them, and they expressed their panic and used their shoes according to plan.

More scenes included bodies made of rubber, men acting as Russian ballet dancers, a re-enactment of a Jerry Springer episode where the students made up outrageous lies about friends’ weird fetishes and several lewd sexual acts.

The audience participated as well, and throughout the night several of them fell into a sleep and were allowed on stage whenever chairs were available.

After a couple of hours, the event was over, and Sailesh pulled them from their hypnotic state. Before he did so, he told them that they would remember everything that happened to them, but would not feel embarrassed, only amused. He also told them that they would feel a rush of energy upon waking, and be confident, motivated and happy with themselves for the rest of their lives. With those words, he brought them back to reality.

He ended the show by telling the audience about his goal to help children around the world. For every time he performs at an event, he donates money to help send vitamins to children in need. For every friend who joins his group on Facebook, he donates another dollar.

To help the cause, visit To find out more about Sailesh or to purchase his hypnotic CDs, visit

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