Words of advice from OIT

Over the past several weeks, the Rider network and email servers have been targeted by numerous “phishing” scams, according to a memo provided by the Office of Information Technologies (OIT).

The hackers use phishing to trick people into giving out their passwords, gain access to Rider’s email servers and launch phishing attacks elsewhere. The recent phishing emails appear to come from OIT and ask students to reply, follow a link and provide their passwords. As recently as April 2013, and because the phishing emails are looking more legitimate, at least five people responded, according to OIT.

When people respond, Rider email servers get blacklisted and its email reputation score goes down. As a result, some email messages going to people outside of Rider are getting returned or blocked. Please remember that no matter how legitimate it looks, OIT will never ask for a student’s username or password in an email.

If you do receive a phishing email, OIT advises that students do not reply, do not open any attachments or click on any links. Instead, forward the message to abuse@rider.edu.

For more information on ways to identify a phishing email, visit         theridernews.com/phishing.

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