Rider welcomes a lively winter wonderland weekend

From left, sophomore Hannah Bass, junior Jennifer Smolyn, sophomore Rachel Nangle and sophomore Elizabeth Urban spent Feb. 1 at Jack Frost Mountain for a day of skiing.

By Tara DeLorenzo
Rider University’s Winter Weekend kicked off the spring term, heating up what has started as a frigid semester.
From Jan. 31-Feb. 2, students were given a multitude of activities to choose from, ranging from skiing to game shows to watching Super Bowl XLVIII.
On Jan. 31, students were encouraged to come on down to the stage in the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC) Theater for Rider’s version of The Price is Right, presented by the Recreation Programs. This event brought contestants all the way to the showcase showdown, where students competed for various prizes including food items, a Nike+ sportswatch, a 32-inch TV, Rider gear and an iPad.
“When we were called down, we had to bid on how much we thought the item that was shown on the screen was,” said Gabrielle DiSalvo, senior TV and radio major. “I was shown a picture of three board games, and they told me to write down how much I thought they all cost together. It was something different from what has been on campus in the past, and I thought it was a neat experience. I would love to do it again, but, hopefully, I would make it up on stage next time.”
Events got cooler for Feb. 1, when students woke up bright and early to head to Jack Frost Mountain for a skiing and snowboarding trip. There, students were able to spend a day in the snow.
“It definitely made the start of the semester better,” Jen Smolyn, junior secondary education major, said. “It was nice to have fun before classes started. The best part for me was learning to ski and spending the day with friends.”
Additionally, that afternoon, the Student Recreation Center (SRC) featured the Unified Sports Basketball League Kick Off with the Special Olympics, allowing participants to meet up with their teammates for the first time. This began preparations for the five-week program, which lets students participate with and encourage members of the Special Olympics.

Performers junior Rory Connolly, left, and sophomore Peter Petrino audition for the judges with their rendition of “Hallelujah” for Rider’s third season of the R Factor. The finale will take place Feb.22 in the Yvonne Theater at 8 p.m.

Feb. 1 also opened up season three of the R Factor, bringing contestants to the Yvonne Theater stage to audition. The 23 participants, a mix of both group and solo acts, lined up for their try to advance to the next round of competition, which will take place Feb. 22.
“I think the event was a great way to showcase the talent that we have at Rider,” Kim Knox, junior secondary education major, said. “It was a fun time and I really did enjoy it. It was surprising to see how many people here can sing really well.”
Feb. 2 was the Super Bowl viewing party, where students gathered in the SRC lobby to watch the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Denver Broncos 43-8. With pizza, wings and giveaways, the party not only closed the NFL season, but also Winter Weekend.

Winter Weekend extended into Feb. 3 with a snow day, allowing students an extra day of relaxation and fun in the snow.

“It was a great atmosphere to watch the Super Bowl,” Joe D’Amato, junior elementary education major, said. “What more could I have asked for: football, food, and friends.”
With activities like these, Winter Weekend was counted as an eventful kick-off to the spring term, leaving students excited for the semester ahead.

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