What to do for Valentine’s Day

If You’re Coupled Up…

Skip the typical chocolates and flowers. Here are some unique ideas how to spend V-Day with someone special:

– Write romantic ideas on separate slips of paper:
Then fill a jar with them. Every week alternate who picks one and has to implement it by the end of the week.

– Cook for your partner:
Do you know the favorite thing your partner loves to eat? Learn how to cook it, even if you don’t do it well.

– Make chocolate-covered strawberries:
Strawberries and chocolate are a perfect recipe for the ultimate Valentine’s Day.

If You’re Single…
Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day too. Follow these tips to ensure a fun, carefree day:

– Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party:
Chances are you aren’t the only person who isn’t thrilled about this holiday.

– Go shopping:
There is no better therapy then getting out and buying yourself something completely useless.

– Plan a movie fest:
Get your closest friends together, buy a whole bunch of junk food and watch some great (or terrible) movies.

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