What I Learned This Year: Kerilyn Acer

I am very thankful for how I have changed this year and where events and experiences, whether they were out of my control or resulted from my own doing, have taken me. All of them have led me to a final conclusion and a very valuable lesson: realizing the importance of maintaining, or at least striving for, a healthy perspective. 

The magnitude of the happenings in our own lives appears, at times, far greater than it actually is. This is something I’ve always known to be true in theory but have not applied to my own life until recently. College life is often compared to existing inside a “bubble.” Our time is spent completing homework assignments and projects, managing our social lives and doing what we need to do to get ourselves to that next step we envision (or, figuring out what that next step will be). Life can become very small — at least it did for me. When you reach a point where all you see is what is right in front of your face, something needs to change. Adjusting the way in which you understand and handle the daily ups, downs and in-betweens of life here at school can help maintain sanity, ease the blow of frustration and upset, help productivity and, in the end, reveal situations as they are and not as your mind distorts them. The power to alter your quality of life is ultimately in your hands. 

My goal for the coming year — and I extend this challenge to everyone — is to find new ways to make sure I do not mistake the truly trivial for something much grander and to always, no matter how blurry the vision becomes, put it all in perspective. 

Kerilyn Acer is a sophomore vocal performance major.

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