What I Learned This Year: Commuter acquires planning skills

Not all lessons are taught in the classroom. That is the first thing that I will take with me from this past school year. The majority of the lessons taught inside the Fine Arts Building, Sweigart Hall, the Science and Technology Center and Memorial Hall are purely academic. The teachings there have value, but the real-world lessons are what will stay with me longer.

A daily commute taught me to always plan ahead. Construction, accidents and potholes are a few of the many hazards that can make the journey to Rider even longer. Additionally, after finally arriving on the campus, finding a parking spot is more time lost before class. Planning ahead is vital for any commuter.

Another lesson I learned this year is to stay organized. A commute, a full course load, a part-time job and extracurricular activities made it impossible to get through my day without being organized. My planner from this year has battle scars ranging from damage from a leaky travel mug to pen marks, lists and a daily schedule on almost every page.

Organization and planning ahead are what helped me survive my sophomore year. I just hope I don’t forget them next fall.

– Jess Scanlon,

Sophomore journalism major

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