Website reveals what went wrong in past relationships

The website’s opening screen uses bright colors to attract viewers. It also has links to seek feedback, give advice and learn how to leave the past in the past.

By J’na Jefferson

A recent website launch by an Australian software creator helps to answer the question, “Why didn’t you call me back?” (Wot Went Wrong) was launched in January by Audrey Melnik to try and help newly single people understand why they are no longer in a relationship.

According to the website, Wot Went Wrong helps you learn from past mistakes and experiences, gain insight on what to fix in your future relationships and explore the do’s and don’ts of relationship. For instance, if you moved too fast in a relationship, Wot Went Wrong provides positive advice that can help you fix that particular issue in the future.

Junior Jill Templeton understands the relevance of the website for today’s society, though she says she would not look to the website to help her gain insight.

“I definitely wouldn’t use it because I think relationship stuff is private and I would only trust people who really knew the situation,” she said. “I think it’s appropriate though because there are magazines that dedicate whole issues to relationship issues.”

However, for those who are interested there are several customizable templates to choose from and the power of Facebook can be used to request feedback from former flames.

Exes have the opportunity to answer questions such as “What bothered you the most about your relationship?” They can also add comments and feelings regarding certain aspects of the relationship. Members can even rate exes on some of their attributes, such as personality, physical attractiveness and sense of humor.

There is also an option to provide honest but respectful feedback and advice for others during the rough times after his or her breakup.

Junior Jenn Moscatelli’s experience with the advice that came from the website has been positive.

“I really had a hard time getting over my last relationship and when my friends told me about this website I was pretty skeptical, but it really gave me some solid advice,” she said.

Reviews of the website have varied immensely depending on the critic, receiving criticism for being “stalkerish,” but also being referred to as a positive start to honest communication.

The website, which has a 25 percent response rate, is still in Beta form, so the percentages should not be taken too seriously since people are still playing around with the site.

So, if you find yourself wondering why your last relationship did not work out, take advantage of the range of advice provided by the members of

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