WCC Student Sings: Foster unity between two campuses

By Kerilyn Acer

The establishment of the Westminster College of the Arts this year is a step in the direction of uniting Rider University’s two campuses in a resilient way. But what are some ways in which individual students can benefit from and feel connected to both the Lawrenceville and Princeton locations?

The answer to this is simple, but goes unnoticed by many: Take advantage of what each campus has to offer. This may be difficult for some; the 20-minute commute back and forth can present an issue. But if you have access to a car or can utilize the shuttle system, I think you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. After seeing Westminster’s fall musical production, The Glorious Ones, this past weekend, I reflected on how fortunate I was to have, at my fingertips, performances to enjoy on any given day of the week. I feel proud to attend a school where this is the case.

Then I wondered if the students living on the Lawrenceville campus realize that the events taking place here are as open to them as they are to me. If you possess a like, love or appreciation of music, I urge you to spend some time at Westminster if you do not already. While the accomplishments of fellow students are more visible when they occur closer in proximity, the strides being made on either campus should be felt by all. Whether it be a stunning Westminster Choir concert, an informative master class by a renowned casting agent, or a senior piano recital, I hope that Lawrenceville students know they should always feel welcome to take part.

Though I can recommend with the most confidence what the Westminster campus offers because I live there, I also urge Westminster students to take a class at Lawrenceville, use the gym, attend a basketball game or join a club that would not be available to us without the connection to Lawrenceville. It is almost always beneficial to step outside the bubble that a college campus can so easily become and experience something a little different. Since what is found on the Lawrenceville campus and on the Westminster campus are open to all students, why not make the most of it?

If we are serious about moving forward in bringing together Westminster and Lawrenceville under the one umbrella that is Rider University, then a conscious effort should be made on both ends to be involved beyond the borders of our own campuses. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because we may pursue different degrees, goals or passions, we cannot find ways to connect and co-exist in a very positive manner.

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