Water: The Gift of Life

By Bryan Griffith

It’s worth more than gold and more important than gas. It’s at the source of every major civilization and has dominated the lives of every living thing. It’s water and it’s the molecule that gave us life, as we know it.

Water is a very basic chemical molecule of H2O, but it has the greatest impact on our society. We use it for drinking, manufacturing purposes, energy, and much more. The actual use of water is limitless and has been used since the dawn of humans. In fact, every ancient civilization was formed around a major water source and many of our most important cities worldwide are located next to water sources.  But like many other important things in this world, water is too scarce and has become a big problem in the world. People everywhere from India to Africa to even North America are having big water problems and because of waste and a lack of sustainable ideas we are using up the last of our fresh water sources. But this is the 21st century and we have the technology to tackle any problem, especially one that involves water.

The “Water Crisis,” as it has been coined, has been a controversial debate since I was a kid. Some people blame the unethical decisions of corporations for using rivers as waste removal, while others blame the government. Although there are many to blame for the lack of clean, drinkable water, I also believe that Mother Nature has a big impact on everything. Instead of figuring out whom to blame, I think we need to work together and figure out a feasible solution. That’s what Michael Pritchard thought and decided to do something about it. This ingenious inventor discovered a way to turn any water source (except for salt water and water with radiation) into clean, drinkable water. From a stagnant mud pile in the desert to a disgusting puddle in a forest, this LifeSaver water filtration system can clean almost everything. The technology is very advanced, but the concept is simple. Basically Michael developed a sponge that water travels through to be filtered. The catch? The holes in the sponge are so small (.2 Microns) that not even viruses or bacteria cells can go through it. That means that only pure H20 molecules can go through, which makes the water drinkable and clean. Michael Pritchard believes that with 2 billion dollars we could solve the water crisis that plagues the world. This may sound like a huge amount of money, but when you consider that this will solve one of the biggest problems in the world, then I don’t think it’s even something to think about, considering that we have a national debt in the trillions.

This is only one way to help solve this problem, but there are other ways that we can start to help communities around the world to get pure drinkable water. One way is to help communities who live near the ocean to be able to drink seawater without salt. I always thought this was impossible unless you had some million-dollar military grade filtration system. I couldn’t be more wrong, and I discovered it’s as simple as boiling water. Just as the earth produces rain, we can produce clean water through boiling the water and gathering the steam into one source. This process separates the water and the salt, making it drinkable and clean. Check out the video for more details.

Water isn’t just important to drink, but it’s also used to get energy. For centuries, we have used water for mills and farming production. Like the Hoover Dam, we have also used the massive power of moving water to move huge turbines to produce energy. But that is so last century and we have the ability to use water for much more.  Check out the video of John Kanzius who developed a water fuel cell to power automobiles. Or check out a video from a physicist lecture at MIT, which shows the potential for a “water battery.”

Not convinced of water’s great potentials? Then there is another study that blew my mind and has convinced me of how our thoughts can change the structure of water, which just so happens to make up over 70% of our body. Masaru Emoto created a study that showed that one’s thought actually changed the structure of the water. Positive intentions and negative intentions have different impacts that are absolutely astonishing. This shows that having a strong belief about yourself and others can actually have a physical impact in reality. Check out the video for more information or follow me @BryanGGriffith for related articles and videos about water and other technologies.


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