Walking on-air: Student lands ‘dream’ internship

Meghan Korb stands with Greg T, a Morning Show DJ. Korb has been interning at the radio station since the summer.
Meghan Korb stands with Greg T, a Morning Show DJ. Korb has been interning at the radio station since the summer.

By Samantha Reed

When Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, then known as the Z Morning Zoo, first aired in 1996, Meghan Korb was only two years old. Luckily for her, though, the show has remained on the air throughout her life, inspiring her love of radio.

This past summer, Korb, a junior public relations major and digital media minor, landed the internship of her dreams: working at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

A resident of Upland, Pennsylvania, Korb grew up listening to Elvis Duran every weekday morning on Philadelphia’s Q102.

“I’ve always wanted to be on the radio in some way,” Korb said. When she found out the show was looking for interns, there was no way she wouldn’t apply.

Korb isn’t the first Rider student to work with Elvis Duran. Jake Tuff, ’15, helped Korb apply for the internship that he held during his senior year at Rider. Tuff was recently hired by the show doing video production. Garrett Vogel, ’06, is a producer for the Morning Show.

Korb is one of 15 Morning Show interns. She is one of the five radio interns, while the other 10 are spilt into groups including audio, social media and video interns. The internship, Korb said, is anything but ordinary.

Korb takes New Jersey Transit from Rider to New York City every Monday and Wednesday morning. On Mondays, she usually takes a 1 a.m. train to be able to make her 5:30 a.m. call time at the station, while Wednesdays she needs to be in by 7:30 a.m. She usually gets home from Manhattan around 3 p.m. those days.

“It’s a whirlwind,” Korb said. “It’s long hours but it’s totally worth it.”

Responsibilities of the job include pre-production set up such as answering emails, answering the phone during the show, getting callers on-air and picking contest winners, post-production air checks to make sure all sponsors who purchased airtime received their spot, sending callers their prizes and even getting to help organize the “Top Five Songs from Around the World” segment.

“It’s not so much your normal internship stuff,” Korb explained. “It really is more of a hands-on learning experience.”

Korb describes the atmosphere at the station as relaxed, though filled with many crazy personalities. She noted how respectful everyone is toward each other, no matter how big or small their position on the program.

The interns even have to deal with real world problems, according to Korb. While working a show a few weeks ago, a fellow intern had two callers on hold, both with the same name. Korb’s co-worker accidentally took the information for the wrong caller, thinking that was the man who had won the station’s most recent contest. Korb got to see and experience firsthand how to solve an issue like that.

Her favorite experience at her internship so far, though, was when she was able to participate in a segment on-air. Korb was the first of all 15 interns to get to go live. After she finished, Duran himself congratulated Korb on how well she spoke on-air.

“It was huge for me,” Korb recalled. “I’ve looked up to him as a role model and as somebody in the radio industry forever, so it’s just incredible for him to say that my first time on-air with him and the show, I spoke clearly and brought something interesting to the segment that entertained them.”

All Morning Show interns write blog posts for the show’s website, and Korb’s piece was featured after her day on-air. The post, titled “An Intro to This Lady — Intern Meghan” is available at ElvisDuran.com under topics and “Intern Blog.”

Korb will be an intern at the show through the end of the spring semester, though she is currently waiting to hear back on if she can re-apply for another internship there through the summer as well. Whether she gets to return or not, Korb won’t be disappointed either way, as she said this whole experience has been her dream come true.


Published in the 3/30/16 edition. 

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