Valentine’s Day: R U single or taken?

By Lisa Henderson

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, people are guaranteed to occupy restaurants, movie theaters and other romantic venues this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re in a committed relationship when Valentine’s Day rolls around, you probably experience feelings of excitement and anticipation. However, if you’re single on Feb. 14, the thought of the holiday may leave you feeling nauseous. Regardless, hundreds of Rider students will make their way to restaurants and movie theaters to spend the evening in a romantic way.

But is all of the hype for this holiday necessary? One hundred Rider students were surveyed by The Rider News and asked what they usually choose to do for the occasion. Though the survey was not scientific, it revealed Rider students’ intentions for Valentine’s Day. Seventy-five percent of students surveyed claim that they’re planning to take their boyfriend or girlfriend out to a restaurant of the other’s choice. Flowers and candy were thought to be an appropriate gift by about 50 percent of the students surveyed, and about 12 percent will choose to dish out an ample amount of cash on clothing or jewelry.

This year’s most popular Valentine’s Day date hotspot seems to be Houlihan’s on Route 1 by Quakerbridge Mall. The survey revealed that almost a quarter of students will venture to Houlihan’s to enjoy a meal with their significant other. Coming in at a close second was the Olive Garden, with about six percent of the students surveyed preferring a Lady & The Tramp spaghetti dinner scenario.

But how do those Rider students who have no one to accompany them feel when this seemingly dreaded holiday rolls around? Some may say that all of the fattening candy, sappy Hallmark cards and gaudy stuffed animals are overkill.
Junior Lisa Carasquillo said that Valentine’s Day means almost nothing to her.

“I’m single and I love it,” she said. “I don’t usually do anything for Valentine’s Day, and I don’t really care. It all seems kind of overrated.”

Senior Laura Vessella mentioned that although she and a large group of her fellow Delta Phi Epsilon sorority sisters may not be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, it won’t stop them from having a good time.

“We’re all going out to a nice restaurant as friends,” she said. “We know how to have an awesome time without boyfriends.”
However, those Rider students who do have a girlfriend or boyfriend may feel quite differently. Junior Diandra Soto, who has just begun a new relationship, doesn’t understand the hype behind the day.

“My boyfriend doesn’t attend Rider, and though our relationship is long distance and we can’t spend Valentine’s Day together, I know we care about each other,” she said. “I don’t need some holiday to tell me that.”

Business students see Valentine’s Day as a good thing, according to senior Tyler Gotowka.

“It’s a great way to stimulate the economy, as guys raid stores to come up with the perfect gifts for their gals,” he said.

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