Update: Kadyhrob indicted, new court date set

By Katie Zeck

Lawrence Township resident Tony Kadyhrob will appear in Mercer County Superior Court on Oct. 27 for a review of his charge of attempted abduction of a female student from Rider’s campus last March.
Kadyhrob was indicted by a grand jury for one count of second-degree criminal attempted kidnapping and one count of third-degree luring of an adult on July 7, according to Casey DeBlasio, a spokeswoman for the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.
The charges could carry a penalty of five to 10 years in prison if convicted, DeBlasio said.
“After the grand jury decision, Kadyhrob was arraigned on Aug. 28 on his indictment charges, at which time the Superior Court judge set bail in the amount of $100,000,” DeBlasio said. “He currently remains in the custody of the Mercer County Corrections Center.”
Kadyhrob was arrested by Lawrence Township Police on March 29 after he allegedly grabbed a 19-year-old female Rider student as she was walking toward Z lot and told her to get in his car. The victim was able to yank her arm away, but he grabbed it again. According to the affidavit of probable cause documenting the incident, the victim was able to escape his grasp again and run for help.
In the days proceeding the incident, Kadyhrob was allegedy spotted on the campuses of both The College of New Jersey and Princeton University. His appearance, which resembles that of Christopher Walken, put the defendant, as well as Rider, in the spotlight of national news.
Following his arrest, Kadyhrob appeared at his arraignment at the Lawrence Township Municipal Court on April 4 at which Municipal judge Paul Cantanse banned the defendant from the property of any educational facility in New Jersey and ordered him to produce a psychological evaluation before his April 12 Mercer County Superior Court appearance.
Kadyhrob is not to be released from the corrections center until that evaluation is completed and confirmed. DeBlasio reported that there are no records of an evaluation on file.

Tony Kadyhrob of Lawrence Township was arrested last March after attempting to abduct a female student. He currently resides in Mercer County Corrections Center while awaiting trial.
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