UNICCO, University shooting to go green

UNICCO and the Sustainable Rider Committee are teaming up to reduce waste on the Lawrenceville campus that can hurt the environment. New recycling bins have been ordered.

by Edgar Merino

After forming the Sustainable Rider Committee and teaming up with UNICCO cleaning services and John Kennedy, vice president of Operational Support, the University is looking to lighten its footprint on the planet by stepping up recycling.

UNICCO workers have been re-trained to make sure recyclable material and regular trash are disposed of correctly, Kennedy said. Clear plastic trash bags in residence hall trash cans are in place so cleaners know to separate recyclables from trash.
But even Kennedy said he was aware that students didn’t know the University recycled.

“I understand that we are not providing the answers to these steps,” said Kennedy.

New measures are being taken to promote these efforts, school employees said. Recycling bins have been ordered so that residence halls and other buildings can recycle.

“Daly’s will be getting a container that accepts all recyclables,” said sustainability coordinator Diane Kayes. “It’s called Single Stream or One Source, all paper, cardboard and plastics numbered one through seven can go into the container. This could potentially save 30 percent of our waste from going to the landfill.”

According to Kennedy, these new processes will reduce our waste by taking out everything that can be recycled.

“A lot of the recycling program is being driven by the Environmental Protection Agency,” he said. “This agency uses all its effort to minimize the amount of waste that is going into the landfill.”

Every little effort counts for the University to become more sustainable, the administrators said.

“It is important that students be reminded that we have to take responsibility for our actions,” said senior Matthew Hanson, who is part of the committee. “As a Rider community we need to take the steps to recycle properly, conserve energy and be more mindful of our waste.”

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