Twins get it done on the soccer field

Junior Lauren Mahar finished the season with one goal and three assists.By Christopher Cole

Identical twins have triple the amount of what regular siblings share: the same face, the same sex and the same genes.

Juniors Erin and Lauren Mahar are one such pair of twins, but they also share a love for soccer that has driven them to achieve a successful college experience.

With their flowing auburn hair, warm brown eyes and glistening smiles, Erin and Lauren are engaging the moment they enter a room. The two look very much alike, but there are differences.

“People mix us up all the time,” Erin said. “But usually when they see us together, they can tell us apart.”

Lauren described the humorous side of being mistaken for each other.

“One time during a game, the referee gave me a call that was intended for my sister,” Lauren said. “But that makes it fun.”

The camaraderie that comes with being siblings, and especially identical twins, enabled Erin and Lauren to not be nervous when they entered Rider as freshmen.

“It felt like we already had an ally coming in,” Erin said. “We weren’t nervous like two lost puppies.”
Beginning soccer at five years old in co-ed recreational leagues, Erin and Lauren feel that playing with boys helped toughen them as athletes.

“The boys on our team became our brothers,” Lauren said. “We moved beyond just being the ‘girls on the team.’”
The benefits of being an athlete are more than just winning points and games, they’re about learning how to work with other people.

“Knowing how to work with others and be a team player definitely helps in the long run,” Lauren said.

Good time management is another important skill to have in order to succeed, said the sisters.

“Being on a team also makes a person a more reliable person who knows how to manage their time, which is important for balancing sports with classes,” Erin said.

Life as Rider athletes for the Mahar twins is a competitive, but welcomed, effort that is very much like being part of a super-group.

“Every girl on the team is strong and was one of the best in high school,” Erin said. “But the competition is good and if every player is strong then there’s no weak link.”

As double majors in Education and Psychology, Erin and Lauren know that there’s more to life than soccer, although it will always be a part of their lives.

For the season, Lauren had five points while Erin finished with three.

In the tradition of identical twins, Erin and Lauren share the world and a drive for success. There were the Bobbsy Twins, the Olsen Twins and now, there are the Mahar twins.

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