Transitioning Summer Wardrobes into Fall Ones

By Samantha Conforti

Summer’s finally over and fall weather is slowly creeping up on us. This in-between stage makes getting dressed in the morning a pain in the butt, especially since it’s warm outside and freezing in the academic buildings. Should we wear our jeans and sweaters, or our shorts, tees, and dresses? Why not wear the best of both worlds!

Cute summer dresses could easily be worn with a lightweight cardigan on top or a t-shirt (long or short) underneath, as well as tights or leggings with oxfords, riding boots, or cute booties.  Everyday shorts could be worn with tights underneath and a long sleeved top. Or you could fall back on our old closet staple, jeans and a tank.

Try shorts with tights. photo credit:

As broke college students, this is one way to get the most wear for your money. Something we all can appreciate!  Mix it up and just remember to have fun with your wardrobe. The world is your runway!

Samantha Conforti is a Public Relations and Journalism major, she grew up reading her mom’s fashion magazines and fell in love with clothes, shoes, and accessories. Now that she’s older, she often searches for the perfect outfit and a great deal.

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