Transfer Thoughts: Do your dorm a favor: Clean up after yourself

In my first few weeks of living on campus, I’ve found that the hardest part about college isn’t trying to fit in with schoolmates or adapting to the workload. Perhaps the most traumatic college experience is attempting to traverse to the dank, dark dungeon known only as “the bathroom.”

Pardon my cynicism, but I find most people to be generally disgusting. Sure, there are plenty of examples as to why I feel this way, but none are clearer than walking into a bathroom stall, only to find that someone was obviously just using it. As someone who already has a problem with sharing toilets with other people, I guess you can tell that I had a pretty rough time adjusting to my new living conditions.

What I don’t understand is, if it’s just a simple matter of flushing the toilet, wiping your mess and putting down the lid, why is it seemingly difficult for people to just clean up after themselves? I get the impression some people feel that because Rider is a school campus and not their own home, they don’t have to worry about petty things like cleaning up like a decent human being; they just leave it to the help or anyone else who stumbles in afterwards. It’s an extremely selfish way of looking at things.

Let’s put things into perspective. Imagine, if you will, coming home from a nice day out and you start feeling the effects from that triple-bean burrito you just ate from Taco Bell and decide to use the bathroom. You open the door and what do you discover? Pandemonium: The toilet hasn’t been flushed, toilet paper is strewn everywhere and there is a disgusting odor. It’s an invasion of privacy and is, more importantly, disrespectful. No one would want that in his or her own home. So shouldn’t the bathrooms at Rider garner the same amount of respect?

I don’t wish to lay the blame squarely on Rider’s inhabitants; this is a problem that I’ve been noticing quite a bit in public restrooms located in restaurants, movie theaters and anywhere else that allows people to “drain the lizard” or “shake the dew off the lily.” If I had to be honest, I doubt that most people act this absentminded with malicious intent. I stress the word “most.” Some people are just gross. So whoever is reading this, just do a poor, black youth a favor: after you’re done doing whatever it is you do in the restroom, clean up after yourself. It only takes a couple of seconds, and it’s a nice gesture toward the person using the toilet after you. I’m sure no one is exactly thrilled with the idea of having to deal with cleaning up after someone, so why not do everyone a favor and clean up your own mess?

Though, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. There must be a God as I’ve yet to come face to face with, shall we say, “number two.” I’m terrified just thinking about the day when that happens.


– Christopher Exantus

Junior English Major, Film Studies Minor

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