The story of Pride Rock stands the test of time

Rafiki helps baptize the next generation of lion kings

By Monica Jaramillo

The Lion King, one of Disney’s most beloved musicals has now returned to theaters in 3D. The film, originally released in 1994, was brought back for a 3D adaption, originally planned to stay in select theaters for two weeks. After its instant success, however, some theaters chose to extend its showing dates.

The Lion King is the tale of Simba, a young lion who saw his father die when he was just a cub. Afterwards he runs away, hoping to forget the past, and meets Pumba and Timone, two unusual characters who teach him about “Hakuna Matata.” His friend, Nala, finds him and helps him realize, with a baboon Raffiki, that he must return home and take back the kingdom that is rightfully his. He returns to his home, Pride Rock, only to find his Uncle Scar as king and the land full of famine. Simba then finds out that his father’s death was not his fault, but rather his uncle’s, causing him to take revenge and fight for the title as king of Pride Rock.

The Lion King was immensely successful during its first release in theaters, but now, 16 years later, it is more alive and powerful than ever. Being in 3D has made The Lion King a new experience, allowing viewers to feel as if they have entered the home of Simba and his friends once the 3D glasses are on. The clarity of the picture and the beauty of the world emanate when in 3D. The rain pours down as if you were there yourself and the beloved characters come out as if you were standing beside them, creating an unforgettable experience. The plot and music of the original movie are all still present and will still make anyone dance and sing along.

As unforgettable an experience as it may be, however, the original Lion King was the first movie experience in theaters for many students now in college, creating a memory that can neither be repeated nor replaced.

Although The Lion King in 3D is no longer in theaters, the 3D blue ray edition is a must buy. It will, without a doubt, amaze and astound all viewers . . . leaving them with a warm, blissful feeling inside as the credits role. It is a reminder of the past for many, but for the new generation it is their first experience, one that will last a lifetime, being passed down from generation to generation, affectively continuing the “circle of life.”

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