The Scoop: Cheers for mixed ages at the Pub

By Annmarie Mercieri

Because of recent past events, the University has undergone many major changes to enforce the new alcohol policy on campus. One of these that I believe is still raising eyebrows is the admission of minors into the Pub on designated nights.

I would be lying if I said that I was thrilled when the decision was first made, but over the past few weeks it has begun to grow on me. It takes time for one to adjust to new ideas, yet there are always opposing concerns.

When Pub nights became open to those under 21, I could feel myself turning green with jealousy and anger at the fact that I and many others have waited for the privilege of going to the Pub and now that our time has come, underclassman would be allowed to stroll right in. I wondered how security would control underage drinking within Pub walls, and how would they prevent the drunken immaturity of those who decide to “pre-game” and cram the Pub. The word “respect” passed through my head numerous times. Respect for yourself, for others and for the Pub and its atmosphere. I felt that the anticipation of one day attending a Pub night built up a sense of appreciation, and that an incoming freshman wouldn’t understand.

The Pub is viewed by many seniors as a rite of passage. It has been dubbed as a place to go for a drink or two among friends without the hassle of leaving campus. As a senior, you are finally able to leave your mark by adding your name to the walls, or even the ceiling. I feel that those who have been anticipating entering the Pub doors establish a sense of respect for those walls and the history that’s carved into them.

Many other students seemed to have had similar reactions, but we need to remember that these changes are not only new to the students, but the faculty as well. Not being able to purchase a pitcher of beer on all-ages nights also seemed bothersome, but Rider fixed that by offering deals on certain beverages. Hey, at least they’re trying.

However, I’ve noticed that on occasion, all-age nights tend to lack the under-21 crowd, but on bustling, overcrowded evenings Rider’s Department of Public Safety asks those of non-legal drinking age to leave. I found this upsetting when I watched my friends exit the supposedly “open” doors.

I think it’s for the better when I say that my green-eyed monster phase has passed and I find myself more content with the idea of having all of my friends with me at the Pub. I’d rather have the opportunity to include everyone, rather than shut a friend out because they’re only a few months shy of turning 21.

Rider is testing the waters by opening its Pub doors to the entire student body, and only time will tell if it’s for the best.

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