The Rider Vibes bring good vibrations to Philly

By Emily Eiermann


The Rider Vibes consider this performance an enlightening, fulfilling experience and hope for more such future opportunities.



Musicians have a habit of working together on projects: Rihanna and Jay-Z in “Umbrella,” for example, or Santana and Rob Thomas with their song “Smooth.”

In fact, teamwork has gotten so wide-spread that there are Grammy awards for best collaborations in country, pop and rap. However, very rarely is there a pair quite like the Rider Vibes and The Defog.

On Friday, Oct. 21, the Rider Vibes partnered with Philadelphia indie band The Defog as a part of Radio 104.5’s Live Stream Studio Session.

Every Friday at 5 p.m. at their performance theater in Philadelphia, Radio 104.5 invites local bands to play one original song and one cover, which are featured live on the station.

The Defog was invited to perform, and thanks to the friendship between the band and Marissa DiPilla, senior and musical director of the Rider Vibes, the a cappella group joined as backup singers.

The Rider Vibes were given song arrangements the second week of September and practiced throughout the month, extending their usual schedule of four hours a week to include accompany time with the band.

Some members had some trepidation about the event.

“Since we’re an a cappella group, I thought It’d be weird to be working with instruments,” junior Brita Gove said. “I was also kind of nervous that we wouldn’t be loud enough to be heard over electric guitars and drums. But then I heard the songs we were singing and I really liked them, so I got super excited.”

The group sang to an audience filled with friends and family members of both musical groups.

The performance was met with praise.

“It went really well,” said Joe Guerin, a sophomore member of Vibes. “I would definitely like to do something like that again; it was so cool to keep hearing how well we did from the radio host and the band.”

The Defog’s bassist Nick Schuenemann agreed.

“Working with the choir was a great experience for the band,” he said. “I thought everyone in the choir did a really great job on the air and I’m very proud of their effort and musicianship to pull this off.” The groups performed a cover of alternative rock band MGMT’s “Time To Pretend” and The Defog’s original song “Kaleidoscopes.” “Kaleidoscopes” is featured on the band’s latest album The Shadow Companion, released earlier this year and described as their “most eclectic and experimental album created to date,” according to their website.

“The guys wrote the music knowing how many of each voice part we had, so they made it sound balanced and awesome,” Gove said. “They were also really high-energy songs, which made us have to work hard in order to do them justice. That’s always good for us.”

However, the Rider Vibes seemed to benefit more than just musically.

“I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” junior Nancy Ann Jones said. “I think it made our group even closer, and it was one of the greatest moments of my college career.”

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