The new, improved and upgraded Pub: what’s good on the new menu?

The Dell’Omo is a sandwich containing no meat, and is one of the options vegetarian students can order.

by Jason Mount

As Rider continues to make changes to the buildings across campus, perhaps one of the most drastic transformations was the Pub. Still attached to Cranberry’s, the Pub was turned into a sit-down style restaurant that is open daily. Students can enjoy a variety of options from the new menu that came with the physical changes, including chicken wings, sandwiches and more. For this review, one item was ordered from each menu category, and given an individual score out of ten which contributed to the overall meal score.

Upon receiving the The Wedge Salad, I noticed what a large portion was included in the bowl. Aesthetically, the salad looked really fresh. The tomatoes were nice and red and there was no wilting on the iceberg lettuce at all.  The salad was served with a side of balsamic dressing and topped with crispy fried onions, bleu cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes and pieces of bacon. 

First, I tried the salad without the dressing to get a feel for the freshness of the ingredients and I was not disappointed in the least. Afterward, I mixed in the balsamic dressing and was incredibly impressed with the flavors presented. Every ingredient in the dish shined and it was definitely an enjoyable salad to eat. 

However, despite all the wonderful flavors already present, I would have liked to see mixed greens instead of a pure iceberg salad. Also, considering it is something students can use as meal exchange to account for an entire meal, it would be nice to also offer some kind of carb or grain to bring variety and more substance to the meal. With all of this in mind, the Wedge Salad gets an eight out of 10.

The margherita flatbread is one of the numerous items on the Pub’s menu for students who do not eat meat. The simple combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil on flatbread made for a delicious meal that came with an attractive presentation on the plate and sizable portion. The portion was large enough, in fact, that the flatbread could be considered a meal in and of itself. Due to the plentiful amount of food given with the dish, a decent amount of tomato sauce is added to cover the bread, which can make for a slightly messy eating experience. It is not recommended to eat the margherita flatbread as a finger food, but to ask for utensils instead. Overall, the flatbread deserves an eight out of 10.

Amidst the sea of sleep-deprived, hungry college students, I waited for my food to be delivered. At 10:45 p.m, my wish was granted. The Dell’Omo was placed in front of me. Complemented with a side of chips, the meatless sandwich sat warmly on my plate. After a long day of classes, I decided to treat myself with a real meal for dinner instead of the usual strawberry Pop-Tart. 

The insides of the toasted ciabatta bread were spread with pesto, allowing a peppery kick to contrast the stretchiness of the mozzarella. The peppers supplemented the mozzarella with just enough roasted crunch for the diner to know they’re there. The pesto could sometimes be a bit much, making the bread oily, but not enough to take over the flavor of the entire sandwich.

Due to overall presentation and taste, I would give the sandwich a seven out of 10. The meal was filling but not bloat-inducing. 

The spicy barbecue crispy boneless wings from the Pub were cooked evenly through and had just the right coat of spicy barbecue sauce. The blend between the zesty sensation of spice paired with the sweet flavor of honey made an unexpected but satisfying taste. The nine wings may be too many for one person (and an extra three dollars) so the six piece might be more ideal. Because The Pub is a sports bar, the boneless wings fit right into the atmosphere. In addition, the flat screens playing sport channels and the comfortable couch seating added to the overall ambience. The Pub has a more sociable feel that is inviting to any demographic on campus. The boneless wings get an eight out of 10.

One of the main dishes that the Pub provides is the Bronc Burger. The smokey and delicious smell of the cheeseburger seemed to fill the area once it arrived. It was a scent that one could almost taste. The Bronc Burger contained a piece of lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese and of course, the beef patty. It also came with a side of chips. It had a decent taste, but the burger itself was a bit overcooked; the ends of the burger were charred. The lettuce and tomato really saved the burger’s charred bits by providing a fresh, crunchy taste. The chips were very crispy, which was appreciated. Overall, the cheeseburger was not bad: a seven out of 10. The chips were an eight out of 10.

In total, the entire meal scored a 7.6 out of 10, yet there is more to the Pub than just the food. The renovations created an incredibly social atmosphere. The brighter lights in the sports-bar, restaurant-style eatery seem more welcoming than the Pub had in the past, and students can be seen enjoying a meal and talking with friends at the sleek high-top tables and comfortable couches.

As well as the social aspect, the improvements to the Pub include multiple large-screen TVs. The screens show a variety of sports games, adding to the sports-bar feel of the renovations.

If students are looking for a comfortable setting to eat with a different presentation than Daly Dining Hall or the fast pace of the food stands in Cranberry’s, the Pub is the solution. Though it may feel small, it gives a sense of ease as patrons can eat, talk and relax in an easeful setting and take a break from their otherwise stressful routines.

Contributions to this review were made by Hailey Hensley, Danielle Jackson, Qur’an Hansford and Tatyanna Carman.

Published in the 10/09/19 edition

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