The Lowdown with Loni Love

You said you got your BA in electrical engineering. How did that turn into a comic career?

I used to do stand-up in college to supplement my income. But, I really didn’t like the way urban comedy was going at that time. It was like Def Jam and I didn’t want to do that type of comedy, so I went on and got my degree. Then, I went to L.A. and I worked as an engineer, but I would do comedy on the side. And one night, I went to a comedy store and saw that there weren’t a lot of females; there was like one female and 10 guys on the show, so I told myself I was going to start getting back into it. So, I got back into it and one day we had a layoff at my job and I went to my boss and I told him to save someone else’s job and lay me off because they weren’t going to lay me off. I just said I’d go and do something different and I became a full-time comedian after that.

What is it like working with Chelsea Handler?

It is fabulous. Chelsea and I, as you can tell, we rip each other all the time and I’m so happy for her being a female in late night. She’s the only female that’s in late night. So, when she first told me about doing this show, I said, “Go for it” and she asked me to be on it and I’ve been on it since the inception. I’m really happy and I support her and she supports everyone else and that’s why I think good things are happening for her. She’s really helping stand-up comedy as a whole. Just by doing her show, it’s the only show where you can see stand-ups every night. Other late night shows may have a stand-up every now and then. I do a Tonight Show or a Lopez Tonight once a year, whereas with her, I’m doing one every two weeks. It has really helped to bring stand-up alive again. People are coming out to the clubs, schools are interested, so it’s a really good thing right now.

Who’s your favorite celebrity or person that you’ve worked with?

My favorite person is my boo, Dr. Drew, and I say that because he is trying to help America’s crackheads. He doesn’t call them crackheads, it’s me that calls them crackheads. You know, anybody that’s on drugs, like Charlie Sheen, he needs Drew’s help. That is America’s crackhead right now. Drew is helping everybody and he’s genuine. Believe me. I’ve worked with him enough. Nobody wants to be around crackheads that much. He is really trying to help them.

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