The Inside Scoop: Old school show inspires Homecoming weekend

by Angelina Franco

As students settle back into their academic routines, many have been spending time sitting in class, studying and working. Now it’s time to enjoy ourselves and kick off this weekend with this year’s annual Homecoming Dance at Westminster.

The theme for this year’s Homecoming is a spinoff of the popular ’80s television show Miami Vice. The weekend begins tonight at 8:30 p.m. in Westminster’s Playhouse and starts off with a humorous twist to traditional pageants. The pageant contestants are the Homecoming nominees who will compete in different events such as a lip sync competition, a “Mock the Professor” skit and an evening wear contest. The pageant is designed to create a lot of laughs from the audience and really show them a good time.

The dance itself will take place tomorrow, Sept. 26, at 8 p.m., also at the Playhouse. The dance is set up in conjunction with WCC’s own version of Miami Vice. Attendees can wear cocktail attire or dress up in their best ’80s gear and dance the night away. The dance will be catered and, in addition to having an awesome DJ, there will be casino games set up and a fun backdrop for students to take pictures in front of.

“Last year’s Homecoming was a really great event,” said Dorothy Schrader, vice president of Westminster’s programming board, who helped pull the event together. “Unfortunately, the dance was outside, under tents, and the weather was absolutely horrible; this made it unbearably hot. This year, the dance is inside and air conditioned, which will definitely make things more enjoyable. We want everyone to feel welcomed and be ready and willing to have a good time.”

Westminster’s programming board is also connecting with the Graduate Students Association by having members be guest judges for the pageant portion of the weekend. Also, having both campuses attend the event may help improve the lines of communication between the Lawrenceville and Westminster students.

“Homecoming this year is going to be an amazing event,” said Paul Hughes, president of the programming board. “We want students to take advantage of the social opportunities to meet other Rider students and keep the campuses connected.”

Rider students already should have received e-mails and Facebook group invitations with information regarding the event. Overall, Homecoming weekend is sure to be a great success and an event that will be fondly looked back on throughout the year.

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