The Gak Omek

By Ariana Albarella

Adjunct Instructor Robert Burger

Robert Burger, adjunct instructor of publication design and 3D animation, takes his creativity to another universe through his musical expression.

“Through the music of The Gak Omek,” Burger said. “I seek to create an audio journey into the worlds.”

The Gak Omek, Burger’s solo music project, incorporates a variety of elements that test the boundaries of current day music.

“I would classify the music of The Gak Omek as progressive rock with elements of space rock and fusion,” he said. “I have very wide ranging and eclectic tastes in music so the flavors of many different musical styles can appear in the music I compose.”

The name, The Gak Omek, was inspired by the science fiction novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Burger was “entranced and amused” by the author’s invented language and said that it lead him to the creation of his pseudonym.

“For me, the name conjures up an image of a being from outer space,” he said. “Which fits in with the vision of the music.”

He has been playing, composing, and recording music since he was young. Prior to today’s technology, he used reel-to-reel tape recorders and progressed to multi-track cassette tape recording.

“With the advent of the computer age, it is now possible to make professional quality recordings on your home computer,” Burger said. “This enabled me to create the three albums that I have released.”

Album cover for “Nonrenormalizability”

The albums are entitled “Alien Eye,” “Return of the All-Powerful Light Beings,” and “Nonrenormalizability.” All are available on iTunes,, and

Burger lists Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck as some of the artists that inspire him.

“Generally, I am drawn to music that is innovative,” Burger said. “Where the artist is pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box, and trying to create something fresh and new.”

Though Burger has not performed recently, he has played at art gallery shows and openings, local electronic music festivals, and living room concerts.

“Playing music is a form of meditation for me. It transports me to a transcendent state of mind,” Burger said. “If I go for too long without playing, I start to crave the experience, which is truly soul soothing.”


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