The Best Accessories for the Fall: Scarves and Belts

By Samantha Conforti

Tired of your bland look? Fall is here and so are the cardigans, jeans and t-shirts officially bringing ‘blah’ back to our wardrobes.

Spice up your every day look with a scarf in an unexpected color; it adds interest without weighing you down or making you feel like you’re going overboard. Scarves can be worn with a plain tee, a sweater or a cardigan, especially if all of those items are black, gray or white (as I know many closets are stocked with these staple colors, including mine). Scarves can be used in the traditional sense or as a throw when you get a little chilly. They come in many different fabrics and weights, and they can be chunky or thin depending on your preference. They are always a versatile way to make an outfit unique.

Another way to make your outfit feel customized is by adding a belt. It doesn’t matter if it’s just in the belt loops of your jeans or used to cinch-in a baggy tunic. Belts add depth and personality to an outfit and automatically make you look more pulled together. Let me share a little secret, by adding a belt, you can fake an hourglass shape and show off your skinny waist. Now who wouldn’t want that?

After: the belt pulls the look together, photo credit: Samantha Conforti

In the image below, my baggy (but loved) tunic is huge on me and just falls flat. I chose to add a thick black belt since my top has a lot of fabric and it doesn’t get lost in the pattern. By adding the belt, I drew attention to my waist and made it a one of a kind look.

Before: Tunic falls flat, photo credit: Samantha Conforti

Forever 21, J.Crew, Lord n’ Taylor, Macy’s, and Express have great affordable options for students, and at J.Crew, if you show your Rider I.D. at the register, you get 15 percent off your purchase.

Are you a scarf girl, a belt girl, or both? Find what works best for you. The world is your runway, go ahead and show off your look.

-Samantha Conforti

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