Thanksgiving Viewpoints: Turkey Day brings welcome break from responsibilities – Commuter

      Home is not where you fall asleep at night; it is where your heart lies.

I spend most of my day working and attending classes at Rider, and consider it more of a home than my so-called permanent address at times. This is an opinion shared by my fellow commuters as well.

A few days off and a break from the routine that Thanksgiving provides are two things that every community member benefits from. The experience of going home for a break is the same for every student, regardless of residency.

During the school year, commuters tend to spend more time on campus than off, if they are full time students. Academically, the level of schoolwork is no different for a commuter than it is for resident students. Add in extracurricular activities, work and a daily commute and it’s understandable why many commuters spend so little time at home.

Sure, I see my parents and my dog every day, but that time is minimal; home is a place to sleep. Even my weekends are generally filled with running errands, spending time with friends, etc.                 This is a hectic time for all Rider students. Midterms mark the end of the easy part of the semester when there are few projects and major tests. Soon after we return from break, everything is due in a furious flurry of never ending deadlines and finals start a slow approach as December draws closer. Some students may even reach their breaking points as their workloads get heavy and the stress increases.

This is a time when sleep becomes a precious commodity. It is a time when many students, this writer included, catch illnesses that they ordinarily would not be susceptible to because of the toll on their physical and mental health, commonly referred to as “dorm plague.”  The sound of students sneezing in classrooms and corridors alike is common once again.

When the entire student population is in desperate need of a recess, the upcoming Thanksgiving break becomes precious.

Everyone on the campus is human; therefore, a break is necessary once in a while. Thanksgiving is always in late November, a time when the fall semester is winding down in the most hectic way possible. This need resonates with every member of the Rider community: commuter, resident, Greek, post-grad, faculty and staff alike.

A break is a chance for all of us to relax, see family, catch up with friends and enjoy the start of the holidays. When it comes down to those facts, residency status is nullified by the simple fact that we are all Rider students at home for a few short days.


– Jess Scanlon

Senior journalism major

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