Thanksgiving Viewpoints – Resident

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, if you reside on campus, you are probably anxious to rest and relax with an old-fashioned home-cooked meal. Thanksgiving is a vital holiday for any college student.

As a resident, living at Rider is a double-edged sword: I don’t have to drive myself home every day, but I don’t get the pleasure of sleeping in my own bed. Sure, you could say residents have it easy because we have Daly’s and Cranberry’s at our disposal. However, nothing beats a nice dinner prepared by your family.

This makes Thanksgiving break the prime opportunity for residents to enjoy what commuters normally take for granted all year round. Residents need time to spend with their families, enjoy great food and get a break before finals.

I can’t wait any longer to go home. I’m excited to relax and curl up on my couch reading a good book while hanging out with my dog and helping my mother and sister with Thanksgiving preparations. During the four-day break, my sister makes sweet potato pie and I attempt to make macaroni and cheese, all while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s these holiday traditions I miss most while living on campus.

However, this year I was told my break was going to be different. Instead of going to celebrate Thanksgiving at home eating the meal we prepared at least a day before, we are now going to celebrate our dear friend’s engagement. It’s a nice gesture, but honestly, I would prefer to be home eating homemade mac and cheese.

This break also signifies that the semester is almost finished, meaning that students will still have assignments to do and tests to study for. This four-day weekend will give us a chance to relax and not be bombarded with classes, work and on-campus jobs.

As much as I enjoy being a resident advisor, a part of me is not anxious to return to my duties after break. When I’m on campus, I have to do rounds, sit in an office or write up violations. When I go home, I won’t have so much responsibility. I won’t have to worry about quiet hours or posters being torn down. My main responsibility will be to make sure my dog is walked and fed, and that’s not so stressful.

Even though I love being at Rider, I can’t wait to go home for a few days. This weekend gives us the time to unwind with family and friends and truly reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving.


– Neil Rasbury

Sophomore journalism major

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