Thanksgiving Traditons

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, family and friends recognize Thanksgiving through celebrating traditions. This year will be no different, as people give thanks and anticipate the same celebrations they have always prepared for on this holiday.
One of the most common pastimes is family and friends gathering around a table filled with food, such as turkey, potatoes, stuffing, beets and cranberry sauce.  My whole life, I have followed the same tradition until this year. For the first time I won’t be spending the night with extended family or friends and lots of food in a formal setting. My mother, father, sister and I will be attending the Jets vs. Patriots game at MetLife Stadium.
Although I will be in a very different environment, there are still many ways my Thanksgiving will be similar to the ones I have celebrated in the past. The game starts at 8:20 p.m., so my family and I will arrive at 4 p.m. along with many other fans to tailgate before the football game. Along with my immediate family, my uncle and cousin will also be attending the tailgate.
We tailgate with the same people for every Jets game, so I will be with many familiar faces. This year, I will be with about 50 friends compared to 10 that I would see on a typical Thanksgiving.
Normal Thanksgiving food I have eaten in the past will still be similar to what I will eat this year at the game. Most of the families that go, including mine, will be cooking turkeys. My mom will also bring other traditional foods, such as brussels sprouts, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pies.
Instead of being able to relax on the couch in the warmth after eating a delicious meal, I will have to focus on keeping my energy up for a three-hour football game in 30 degree weather.
I know that when Thanksgiving arrives, I will be upset about not being with more of my family or being in my house. Yet, no matter where I am on this holiday, the most important thing is to recognize what I am especially thankful for in my life. Although it will be a big change from my normal Thanksgiving tradition, I am still very excited and looking forward to the change. I have been watching football on this holiday my whole life. The most exciting part about this year is that I will be watching it from the stands.
-Shannon Larcara
Sophomore journalism major

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