Students shoot to show perspective through photos

The center purple cone flower is the focal point of this photograph, allowing it to live on forever.

By Nicole Veenstra

Photography is perhaps one of the most beloved pastimes in America. Every year, college students cover their walls with photographs of different celebrities and interests while homeowners choose photography as a way to give their houses personalities. Many others opt to stand behind the camera, capturing images they hope will receive a positive response.

Rider’s photography club is a place for students who enjoy looking at life through a lens.

“A few of us got together and realized that there was no club to express our love of photography,” said Ashley Levins, sophomore and vice president of the club. “We looked around for a while before we actually decided to make the club our own.”

Little do people know, however, that a photography club did exist at one point in Rider’s past, though it died out after its members graduated.

“The Photography Club was founded by a group of students roughly 10 years ago,” said Brittany Gilstein, sophomore and president of the photography club. “The club only lasted throughout their four years of schooling at Rider, though, [and] was then shut down because all the members had graduated.”

The club has been up-and-running for about a year, but it is still relatively unknown. The current members, however, are always willing to welcome anyone who is interested, according to Levins.

The hawk’s piercing eyes look straight into the camera.

“We haven’t really put our name out there yet, and I’m sure there are a lot of other people interested that have never heard about it,” she said. “All a person needs to do to get involved is show up to a meeting.”

Gilstein agreed by saying, “I hope that people expand their interests in new things, maybe even the photography [club].”

Attending a meeting allows one to join in on monthly trips to various places in the area.

“Once [a person] goes to a meeting, they can go on the trips,” Levins said. “Those are the best part because we get to shoot. We’ve gone to New Hope, Pa., and Mercer County Park. We go to an off-campus spot once a month on Saturdays. Our October event got snowed out, but we are going to Princeton [in] December.”

Meetings are also held to allow members of the club to show off their pictures and share their love of photography with others who feel the same.

“It’s always eye opening to me to look through a lens and capture something beautiful from your own perspective,” Gilstein said.

However, potential members should not be intimidated if their knowledge about photography is limited, Gilstein said.

“It’s extremely easy to get involved,” she said. “If the person is willing to learn more about photography and becoming a better photographer, they can join us in our meetings.”

Photography club is aimed towards those who choose to illustrate their emotions through photography, rather than by grabbing a pen and paper or set of paints.

“I absolutely love capturing what I see, being able to make it appear in a dark room on a piece of paper and showing my family what I can do,” Levins said. “It’s one of the ways I can express how I feel.”

The crowd cheers and confetti flies during Team StarKid’s SPACE Tour in NYC. Team StarKid is a Chicago-based performance ensemble and currently stars Darren Criss of Glee.
New Hope, Pa., is home to this waterfall. The photo was taken during one of the club’s monthly trips.
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