Students rock out at Starbucks

By Oliver Joszt

After an impressive performance at this year’s Brownwater Battle of the Bands, two finalists emerged: Maria Rose and Shanks and Kreme, both of whom will play at this weekend’s Starbucks Live Music Series.

The band Shanks and Kreme, which is composed of junior Evan Campbell and senior Paul Matuszak, will open the show.

Rose will close the show. Although she is not formally trained, she has been playing music ever since she was young.

“I’ve been playing the piano mostly by ear since I was 9 years old with only a few lessons,” Rose said. “I think of myself as a writer, not a musician, so I focus more on the lyrics when I perform.”

However, Rose does not do it all by herself. She gets a hand from junior Brad Johnson, whom she met through a mutual friend at Rider.

“I heard Maria needed a guitarist and I have been looking for more opportunities to play around here,” Johnson said. “She gave me the opportunity to play music”

For Johnson, playing with Rose was a huge opportunity and he thinks that the Starbucks Music Series is an important step for Rose.

“The purpose of the last event is to showcase Rider’s talent, and I think Maria is an amazing musician,” Johnson said. “Everyone should support a fellow Rider student.”

Rose and Johnson create a unique sound that works well together.

“He understands the sound but most importantly he feels the message of the lyrics, so his contribution adds a lot to the song,” Rose said.

But don’t try to classify Rose’s music because she believes that her sound is not a part of one particular genre. Instead she uses a combination of folk and alternative in order to describe her music.

“I sound like the hypothetical child of Flight of the Concords and Regina Spektor,” Rose said.

Rose promises that the show will be a great experience for the whole Rider community.

“Bring someone to snuggle up to, or someone you can barely stand,” Rose said. “We will address both issues with seriousness, silliness and oodles of musical tenderness.”

Maria Rose will perform at Rider’s last Starbucks Live Music Series of the semester tomorrow from 8:30-11 p.m. in the SRC lobby. Shanks and Kreme will open the show.

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