Students pack up, mold found in dorms

By Ryan Connelly 

Green mold displayed on a bathroom ceiling of a third-floor resident’s suite in Lincoln Hall.

Students residing in Lincoln Hall were asked to box up their belongings before they leave for winter break due to a mold problem within the building. 

Throughout the fall semester there have been multiple reports of mold in some of the rooms, according to Vice President for Facilities and University Operations Michael Reca.

Faculty and community assistants (CAs) in Lincoln Hall were reluctant to answer questions about the situation. 

“As a precaution, we would like to clean the building thoroughly to avoid any issues going forward,” said Reca. “Currently, it is sporadic in a few areas of the building.” 

The only requierment for the students in Lincoln Hall was to put their belongings in boxes so that nothing gets damaged during the cleaning process. 

“This is less of a repair and more of a precautionary deep cleaning,” said Reca. “Lincoln is the next scheduled building for renovation in the summer.” 

He believed the mold was caused by weather. The amount of rain and high humidity over the past few months sparked sporadic growth in few areas throughout Lincoln Hall. Residents leaving their windows open while running their air conditioning units, creating condensation inside the building, may also be the culprits.    

However, students were starting to become concerned as the situation continues to be pushed aside.

“I do believe there is a substantial amount of mold in Lincoln,” said sophomore psycology major and Lincoln resident Legend Hicks. “When you walk in, it feels very unfiltered and stuffy. It’s [also] visible in our shower on the ceiling. 

Reca assured that they have tested the air quality throughout the building and received “acceptable” readings in all suites except for one. Those residents have been relocated so facilities can do a deeper analysis. 

“I want to reiterate that the work we are doing over winter break is to assure our students that this issue is being addressed” said Reca. “Due to some other mechanical issues, we upgraded the cooling system in the building to be more efficient.”  

Although faculty said the situation was being addressed, students don’t see much progress. 

“I have heard multiple complaints about the mold, but I don’t think anything has been done about it yet,” said Hicks. “I haven’t heard of it affecting anyone yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is affecting us and we don’t even know.” 

Her shower wasn’t the only place she’s seen the fungi growing. She could see it in the bathrooms and in the hallway walls between the cracks. 

 Hicks believed Rider could have avoided this situation by checking for mold regularly.

 “Regular cleanings of the vents and walls should happen at least three times a year to keep this from happening,” said Hicks.

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