Students cruise around before entering to win

By Theresa Evans

Students have the chance to get behind the wheel, driving the car one lucky senior will win at the end of the semester.

“Test Drive Tuesdays are part of our Cruisin’ From Commencement promotion and one of the ways we’re trying to get Rider seniors excited about entering and winning a brand new, 2017 Toyota iM this May,” said John Mozes, general manager of 107.7 The Bronc.

The Bronc will be outside of either the Student Recreation Center or Daly’s Dining Hall on Test Drive Tuesdays.

“It gives the students a chance to check out the cars we’re giving away, especially seniors since they are the ones allowed to enter the [contest],” said Sarah Walsh, junior digital media major. “We have three cars here: one of which is the one we’re giving away, the Toyota iM, but we also have a Camry and a Tacoma just to give a little bit of change.”

The Bronc employees are confident that there won’t be accidents, but as a precaution, they write down students’ license information and students are required to sign a waiver. A representative from Team Toyota of Princeton sits in on the test drives, according to Walsh.

“It is an amazing event,” said Jared Theinert, freshman TV, film and radio major. “You don’t even have to be a senior to test drive it, so just being able to test drive a new car — everyone loves that.”

Cruising in front of the residence halls and dining hall has been catching the attention of onlookers all month.

“I was passing by to go to Daly’s and I saw the event,” said freshman accounting major Marc Bishai. “I already test drove last Tuesday and then I saw the pick-up. It was pretty good. We go around the campus mall, so it’s a good drive. You get enough distance to try out the car and then you get to talk to one of the reps. It’s a fun experience. You don’t get to drive a new car every day.”

The Bronc’s intention is to enhance the on-campus experience for students, according to Mozes.

“I think it’s a really good idea to take every opportunity you can while at college,” said Bobby Trinneer, freshman health science major. “Everyone talks about how Rider is boring or isn’t fun, but you know, it is what you make it. Going to every event and trying to do everything that you can to be involved — then it’s fun here.”

Events like Test Drive Tuesdays also give the student staff members of 107.7 The Bronc hands-on promotional experience working with the auto dealers.

“We do some promotion videos and whatnot so we would drive around the Toyota iM and do carpool karaoke,” Theinert said.

Junior marketing major Alexandra Perrine stopped by before work.

“It was a cool experience,” Perrine said. “I’ve only really drove like one car in my life, so it was one of the first times I’ve driven a different one. It was interesting.”

Mozes said there is a reason for everyone to get behind the wheel while the promotion runs.

“Rider students should come out to Test Drive Tuesdays to learn the ins and outs of the car-buying experience, so when they are ready to purchase a vehicle, they know exactly what to do,” said Mozes. “Seniors should come out to test drive the Toyota iM to experience the car they could win as part of The Bronc’s Cruisin’ From Commencement. And every student, should take a test drive around campus just for some plain, good ol’ fun.”

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