Students compete to be the best DJ at “Hey DJ, Play This Song”

The DJs mix the student’s song selections as they dance the night away. Photo credit to Aaliyah Patel.

By Aaliyah Patel

The Student Entertainment Council (SEC) hosted an outdoor music celebratory event on the upper patio of the Bart Luedeke Center called “Hey DJ, Play This Song” on Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. 

The goal of the event was to determine which student could play the best song in the given surprise category. As two students competed in rounds, the DJ would play their song selection and the audience would cheer on the song they believed fit the genre category the best.

The students with the longest winning streak by the end of the night received prizes including gift cards. Anyone who wanted to could participate in the rounds at any point. 

Courtney Povero, a senior musical theater major, said she enjoyed planning and hosting this event as the president of the SEC.  

“It feels amazing to be back on campus for this kind of event. It brings everybody out to have a good time, enjoy music and create a sense of community among students,” Povero said. 

Students danced around the DJ table and speakers, using music to bond with each other. 

Kayelena Brimage, a junior entrepreneurial and business analytics major, worked closely as an SEC member to ensure safety and fun were well blended. 

“I’m very excited to be back on campus and have student interaction,” Brimage said. “Being in person allows us to enjoy experiences with other people.” 

After many semesters of virtual interactions during the pandemic, this event created an atmosphere of new beginnings. 

Nicholas Barbati, the associate dean of campus life, feels eager to continue to host as many interactive events to make up for the lost time.

“It is amazing to have students back on campus and celebrating time together through music and dancing.” Barbati said. “This event was filled with joy and fun, two things that we all have needed for a long time.”

The event brought all members of the Rider community together and the SEC hopes to reintroduce it as a Rider tradition.

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