Student reactions: Student voices ring out for vocal presence

“It is indeed sad to hear what my beloved university has done. I [share] in my professors’ sorrow and grief. We can only hope that the administration and the AAUP come up with a solution that will satisfy both sides.”

D’Jalma Lopez, junior political science major


“I feel like it’s going to devalue Rider, then we’ll have a lot of adjuncts teaching, and they won’t care as much as full-time professors.”

Brittany Broderick, senior graphic design major


“Music is a window of self-expression, and cutting the piano program leaves those within its major without a method to share their passion and talent through a higher level of education. Removing this program (along with several others) brings into question the integrity of the university’s motto, ‘In Omnia Paratus.’ As this translates from Latin as ‘In All Things Prepared,’ it appears that the removed programs are exceptions to this long-standing philosophy.”

Gina Migliaccio, junior elementary education major.


“This is a situation that is not beneficial to students at all. Other steps need to be taken to ensure education for all students while maintaining programs.”

Michelle Schaible, junior advertising minor


“About two weeks ago, I actually dropped the German major and am doing math instead, but had I still been in the German program, I would have been furious about the program cuts. I would have been left, after registering, scrambling to figure out a new plan after spending last year getting all settled in and happy here. I wouldn’t have wanted to transfer and I would be totally stressed figuring out a new plan.”

Allie Morris, sophomore
secondary education major


“Although it’s very unfortunate, I feel as though these cuts are a step in the right direction in improving our school as whole. However, I do feel like more information should be provided to the students who are the heart of this community and are being directly affected.”

Nick McManus, junior
information systems major


“It’s not like those programs are going to disappear, you just can’t major in them. This school started out as a business college. If you really want to be an art or philosophy major, why would you come to Rider in the first place? We were wasting this $2 million. These resources should be funneled to where it matters most.”

Sara Abelson, junior theater studies major


“While I understand that cuts are necessary to ensure Rider’s future, it is extremely unsettling to hear of the specific faculty members being cut. I don’t understand why there is not a process in place to use students’ course evaluations in this time of change. Unfortunately, some of the faculty being cut are much more deserving to keep their positions compared to others.”

John Gleavy, junior
information systems major


“Asking a student to switch their major away from their passion is unethical as it can change the entire course of their future careers.”

Caitlin Quinn, senior geosciences major


“The reason I even chose to attend Rider was because of the arts administration program and the visual art emphasis, as well as the fact that the faculty are dedicated and involved in helping students succeed. I’m disappointed that the administration and board feel that this is the right decision.”

Hannah Morris, senior arts administration major


Printed in the 11/04/15 issue.

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