Student Perspectives: Students speak out about standard dorm rooms – Senior

I once lived in a dorm room that was located in a skyrise building. My room was overlooking Boston, with three smooth, white walls and one full wall of one-way tinted glass. The sun would rise and it was just the most spectacular way to start my day. On that same campus, the previous year, I lived in a dorm that could not possibly fit more than four standing people, and that’s if the people were small. The two bedframes in the room were touching and my roommate’s face was literally less than two feet from mine every night. This was considered the economical housing option on that campus.
As a transfer student who has attended multiple universities and visited more than a dozen, I can attest to the fact that dorm room conditions range from absolutely abhorrent to almost magical. Comparatively, sure, some of Rider’s dorms are not the best I’ve seen, but not one of them is as bad as the one I had my freshman year at a different school. As an resident advisor, I am concerned when hearing residents gripe about the size of the rooms, especially when they do not offer any solutions.  I find that housing at Rider is more than sufficient, even if a bit small.
Residents can add mirrors to their walls, which would make the dorm appear roomier. One might also choose to get decorative curtains and use those to soften the sunlight, but leave their blinds open. Allowing in the natural light will enhance the room, making it feel more comfortable. Also, exposure to natural light tends to increase satisfaction and standard of living. Adding color to a room also helps to exaggerate its dimensions. For residents who are bothered by a lack of space in their room, these are some of the many options that would allow them to address this problem.
-Sadé Calin
Senior journalism major

Printed in the 10/9/13 edition.

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