Student Outlooks: What’s on your end-of-the-world bucket list?

With the possibility of the world ending on Dec. 21, I have the perfect idea for what I would do. I would try to establish myself as some sort of hero who would claim to have the ability to save the world.
All I would need is everyone to donate money, cars, valuables and whatever else to me. When the world doesn’t end on Dec. 21, I have my argument for keeping the valuables that were given to me — I saved everyone’s lives, didn’t I?
But on a serious note, if the world was truly going to end on Dec. 21, I would just try to have as much fun with my friends and family as I could. Maybe I would even attempt some new extremes that I have never tried before.
I would spend a whole day on campus in pajamas, from that morning until night. I would go out and spend all my money on stuff normally seen as unneccessary. If the world’s going to end, I’m not going to have much of a future, am I? Maybe I would even try to go bungee jumping. OK, maybe not that far.
I’m only saying all this because I really do not think the world will end on that day. Everyone who does needs to take a chill pill.
Yes, we’ve had weird weather and catastrophes recently, but it’s merely a coincidence, or as some say, global warming. Honestly, I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Now 2036, on the other hand, is a different story.
-Tom Albano
Freshman journalism major


I’d like to think that if the world were ending, I would participate in all types of anarchy. I would smash open the windows of an Apple store, throw gasoline onto the expensive pieces of technology and watch them burn to worthless dust.
If I knew the world was ending, I’d like to take some illicit drugs that I would never do, like some molly and I’d rave psychotically to electric dance music.
I would like to think I would do these things, but honestly, I can picture myself sitting at home, holding my dog while my mother wraps a blanket around us.
How exactly are we supposed to die anyway? Is it going to hurt? Should I duck and cover? Is Australia going to cease to exist 16 hours before we do?
I think the best way to go out would to be at Times Square in New York. Millions of strangers would be standing together, accepting one another and holding hands. We would all sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey simultaneously. I think I would be so into singing the song with the people, I would forget that our time on Earth was going to end and I wouldn’t be scared at all. I think it would be cool in the last few minutes of Earth’s existence to have everyone at peace with each other. It would be two minutes of flawlessness. Then everything would go blank, the song would end and we would all be in either the worst pain of our lives, or our lives would end end so fast we wouldn’t have time to hold our breaths or close our eyes.

-Paige McAtee
Senior journalism major

Printed in the 12-7-12 edition

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