Student deceived

Two individuals are wanted for a theft by deception which victimized a Rider senior global supply chain management major on April 5.

Joe Pinto and Natasha Joseph of Lawrence Township are wanted for allegedly stealing a total of $2,500 from the student.

According to Lt. Joseph Amodio, the student told Lawrence police that at approximately 1 p.m.,  she received a phone call from a woman posing as the chief investigating officer from the IRS. The woman, who identified herself to the student as “Esther Rose,” told her that she had three violations against her and owed the IRS $8,677. The student said she had a conflict with the IRS last year involving her scholarship, so she was scared when receiving the phone call from “Rose.”

The woman told the student if she didn’t pay at least some of the money back on that day, a warrant for her arrest would be placed and she would be held for deportation. The student was then transferred to an “accountant,” who told her several laws that she did not understand. When a phone call from “911” came, “the accountant” ordered her to answer and state that “the accountant” would send over a fax stating she was complying with the IRS.

The “accountant” then instructed the student to take as much cash as possible out of her bank account, while staying on the line with him and not contacting anyone else. She was then ordered to go to an address, later identified by police as Zainey’s Unique Mart in Ewing, and make two $1,250 Money Gram transactions — one to Natasha Joseph of Charlotte, North Carolina, and one to Joe Pinto of Cary, North Carolina.

When the transaction was completed, the student was updated an hour later that the case was resolved, but to hold on to any receipts. The investigation is ongoing.

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