Student body voices praise, gripes in survey

By Tara DeLorenzo
Regina George has made her mark at Rider, as evidenced by two students who replied to The Rider News’ survey and reported that they “feel personally victimized by Regina George.”

But it is much more than the Mean Girls bully causing the complaints about students’ Rider experiences. Anonymous comments left at the end of The Rider News “Happy Poll” helped to shed some light on issues these students have.

The most common complaint: Food.

“The only thing that I am not happy about is the dining options at Daly’s,” one student on the Lawrenceville campus remarked. “I have found that a good amount of the food is inedible. I find myself going to Cranberry’s every day or having to spend my own money on food elsewhere, even though I am paying a lot for my meal plan.”

A Westminster Choir College (WCC) student had similar complaints about the options. “Dining Commons at WCC is well under the quality level of a prison dining services,” one comment said.

Another Lawrenceville campus student concurred, but, even so, found a positive aspect of Rider that made this student stay: “Daly’s and Cranberry’s need to have more edible and healthy options. If it wasn’t for my psych professors and my financial aid adviser, I would have transferred long ago.”

Others were not so happy with administration services available. One student commented, “I think Rider has lost focus of its primary goal: making students happy.
There is no connection with the administration. Students want to change our school for the better and work hard to challenge the administration. It is a one-sided relationship, and administration does not listen to its own students. I think I speak for most of our student body when I say that we all could go on for days about all the flaws of Rider. Overall, I am proud of my college education, but I am not proud of the school I attended.”

Students who hold similar opinions link the issue with administrators to the tuition, commenting, “Eh, a lot of money for a constant fight.”

Both the data and the comments say it is the social atmosphere and campus life that cause the biggest tensions and issues among students. One student went so far as to say, “I thought I applied to college, not high school” when complaining of “cliques.”

One offered a suggestion that would benefit both the campus and the community.“There should be bigger events, like an event for the whole school to get involved, like a fundraiser — more things like Relay for Life.”

Many students are happy with their experience and have found many high points in their time at Rider. A large number of commentators found Greek Life to be one of the most rewarding programs available at Rider, while others praised the faculty.
“Professors have been amazing,” one student said. “They are always there to help. If you, as a student, are willing to set time aside to go to the professor’s office hours, he or she will be willing to help 100 percent.”

Others agreed and also applauded the range of undergraduates on the campus. “I love Rider and the community of students here,” one student commented. “It is an all-around great school with a diverse student population where the professors seem to truly care about their students and their aspirations for the future.”

Participants commented positively on the range of programs offered. From Greek Life to athletics, there is something to fit many interests found on the Rider campuses, some students said.“Rider has provided me with immense opportunities,” a participant commented. “Students just have to reach out and grab them.”

Even so, some students are quick to criticize fellow students — even those who are not Regina George. “Students often feel entitled to passing and do not want to put in the work, and it is frustrating,” said one participant.

Other comments disagree and offer more hope and trust towards their fellow Broncs.“If you get involved and take advantage of the opportunities at Rider, you have no reason not to be happy,” said one student. “The socio-culture is inspiring and impressive.”

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