Student band Shadowplay says it is here to stay

By Dave Nugent

When Andrew Corkery, a junior public relations major, and friend Dan Holden set out to make a band in 2006, they had a dream and a shared passion. Now their band, Shadowplay, is seeing their years of hard work pay off with the planned release of its yet-to-be titled debut album on Oct. 31.

Shadowplay has performed some of the songs featured on the album for four to five years. The album has been in development since last May.

The band is comprised of five members: Corkery, lead singer; Holden, lead guitar and backup vocals; John Sellers, bass and keyboard; Ed Flynn, guitar and bass; and Tim Bear, drums and backup vocals.

Shadowplay does not conform to one specific music genre, instead choosing to be influenced by several different types of music. When pressed for a genre Corkery said it was a mix of rock, hard rock and alternative, but he wouldn’t limit Shadowplay to only those

The album will be available for streaming on Facebook,, and Reverbnation. The album will also be available through the band’s YouTube channel.

The name Shadowplay exemplifies the spirit of the music the band aims to produce.

“I think it really embodies the light and the dark elements and aspects of our music,” Corkerey said. “It’s good to show all elements of emotion in your music.”

Corkery believes that creating a communal atmosphere, which is the best way to get the band’s message across. The goal, according to Corkery, is to “create a global music conversation.”

Shadowplay has developed a worldwide network of “street teams” to get the word out about their music. Street teams are accessible on Facebook and Twitter and increase awareness about the band throughout much of the United States and countries beyond, such as Russia and Australia.

Last summer, Shadowplay’s street teams started a campaign for them to play at Lollapalooza this past summer. One of the booking agents for Lollapalooza saw how the band got so many posts and booked them to open for his band, Tracii Guns League of Gentlemen, in Asbury Park.

Junior radio and TV major Ryan Hanratty believes that they have a successful future ahead of them.

“They’re a really talented group,” Hanratty said. “If grunge ever makes it back into the mainstream, I could see Shadowplay as that revival.”

The release date for the new album was determined just last weekend. There was a lot of work that went into the album and it got to the point the mixing and tweaking had to stop, according to Corkery.

“Musicians tend to be perfectionists,” he said. “We really had a specific vision for the album.”

Shadowplay will be performing at Hebe Music Backstage BBQ in Mt. Holly on Saturday, Oct. 13. Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 4:30 p.m.

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