Spring break tips: Keep those T-shirts dry and open a book occasionally

Spring Break is coming, and whether Rider students hop on planes or hop back home, this brief vacation creates a fun, relaxing atmosphere. But it also creates one where students can get in a bit of trouble. Here are some do’s and don’ts if you’re planning to approach this break with wildly open arms.

DON’T go overboard

You’re more than allowed to go party if you’re of legal age. However, drinking way too much will not only cause killer hangovers and intense blackouts, but you can suffer some serious consequences. For example, Dean of Students Anthony Campbell mentioned a student years ago who went to Cancun and drank a spiked drink. “She was literally in a coma for two weeks,” he said.

DO stay safe overseas

If you’re going abroad this break, remember to exercise caution. Don’t wander into unknown territory and try to stick with friends. If you’re in a new place,  stay alert. Campbell advises students to be prepared and be aware of all fees associated with traveling, including luggage fees and fees to exit the country.

DON’T get out of school mode just yet

I get it, it’s our break. We all want to relax and recuperate after a long semester. However, don’t forget that you may still have work to do, and don’t forget that we still have half a semester once we get back.

DO try and have good, safe fun

Enjoy your break. Run down the beach, watch a night of Netflix or stay up all night with your friends from home. So long as you’re staying safe, there’s no reason why you can’t be living it up in your own way.

“I want people to have fun but I want to remind them to be careful,” Campbell said.

And more than anything, remember: Spring Break is only a few days. Remember to make it last.


—Samantha Sawh

Junior journalism major


Printed in the 03/09/16 issue.

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