Sophomore Suggestions: Your ‘happy place’ awaits at Rider

headshot2_WEBThere is a common saying: “Find your happy place.” Everyone has something that they find joy and bliss in, but sometimes that can take a little bit of time to find. In college, it can be especially difficult to venture out and discover what sparks your interest, but with over 100 extracurricular activities to get involved in on campus, there is really something for everyone to try.
Here is one way to start: Research clubs and organizations affiliated with your major. Are you a business major? Try the accounting society or economics club. Are you a communication major? How about trying The Rider News or Public Relations society? There are tons of options for getting involved in the field you are studying. There is a bonus to this, too. With most of these academic clubs and organizations, you can get hands-on experience and an idea of what you are working toward in your academics. Being part of these groups not only gets you involved on campus, but also gives you building blocks for your future.
Of course, academic clubs are not for everyone. If being part of athletic teams or the arts was something you enjoyed in high school or even just in your free time, it is extremely easy to find your niche. There is a huge variety of sports to choose from that range in competitiveness. There are also many opportunities to audition for musicals, choral groups or dance groups. Branching out from what you knew and grew to love in your past is definitely a great way to engage yourself socially on campus.
Greek life is also a way to be incredibly social on campus. Many college students enjoy this way of socializing and connecting with a close community of their peers. There are also many activities intertwined within Greek life, such as community service and leadership positions. Tons of students around campus find their place within sororities and fraternities throughout their college career.
With anything you try, I am sure that there is something you can find interest in. The important thing is to get involved in what you want to do. That is how you find what you love to do and where you “fit.” The amazing thing is that you have the choice to start and/or join any organization that fits your personal interest with others who have the same passions as you. The possibilities are unlimited.
In the midst of it all, finding your “place” on campus is all about personal interest and passion. Discovering your niche socially and academically is such a critical component to getting “the full college experience.” Even throughout life, it is important to know what makes you jump for joy and excited to get up. Finding it now, with options handed to you, is the easiest way to go about it.
Find your happy place and relish in what is offered to you.

–Hayley Fahey
Sophomore journalism major


Printed in the 10/07/15 issue.

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