Sophomore Speaks: Students thirst for Quench stations

Rider University is trying to go green in many ways. One effective approach is having Quench machines, water refill stations that allow people to fill reusable cups or water bottles with filtered water, in most buildings on the Lawrenceville campus. As a freshman last year, one of the features I loved about Switlik was that it had its very own Quench machine.

Last year, I took advantage of the Quench station by using it more often than not. Not only does it have an environmental impact, but it saved me a lot of money by keeping me from purchasing extra cases of water bottles. However, I only got to experience this for one year because when I came back to Rider this year, my building, Kroner, had no Quench machine.

Although we have these machines in many buildings, we lack them in most residence halls, including Hill, Kroner and Gee. Every year, residence halls receive an amount of money to add or make changes to the building. This money could be used for anything from a Quench machine to a new television in a lounge. New televisions are unnecessary because they waste more energy and students can watch television in their rooms.

“I never watch the television in my lounge because I have a television in my room,” said sophomore Ellyssa Piccinini, who was also only able to use a Quench machine for her freshman year. It would be much more convenient for students, as well as more cost-efficient, if Quench machines were present in every residence hall.

Most of the time people dispose of water bottles after a single use.  I realize that water bottles are convenient, but that convenience is not worth the negative impact they have on the environment. There are alternatives like using and refilling reusable cups or water bottles.

The environmental impact is very significant as well. According to, three out of four water bottles are thrown out after one use. Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour and only 27 percent of them are recycled. The reality is it’s not that hard to recycle but there are people who still find themselves too busy or lazy to do so. Although it is not easy to fix such a widespread issue, it is important to continue thinking of new ways to help our environment.

By using a Quench machine instead of bottled water, a person is saving energy, reducing his or her need for petroleum and using a green water cooler that helps to reduce greenhouse gases. So why doesn’t Rider University have a Quench machine in every building?

The Rider website states that after the Quench machines were introduced on Oct. 22, 2009, “the response to the quench stations was so positive.” There are currently 27 Quench machines on Lawrenceville campus, but there are 40 buildings that can have Quench machines in them. I don’t think there is any reason to exclude them from a majority of residence halls. They would be the most logical places to put a Quench machine because of how often students go in and out of the buildings.  It would be so much easier if I could wake up in the morning and fill my water bottle up before class and I hope I am able to do s soon.


– Shannon Larcara

Sophomore journalism major

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