Sophomore Speaks: Sororities support close sisterhood

When my roommate first asked me if I would go through formal recruitment with her last spring, I did not think it was for me. I thought it would be a waste of time. However, joining Greek Life was one of the best college decisions I have made.
It is not simply an opportunity to wear Greek letters and jerseys around campus. It has opened my life up to many opportunities I would not have been granted otherwise. The amazing experiences not only improve college memories, but also establish well-rounded students throughout Rider.
At the risk of sounding corny, the friendships I have obtained through my experiences in my “home” are like no other. I can always count on my sisters to be there for me. Last year, my grandfather, a person I held close to my heart, passed away. For hours, my sisters stayed with me to make sure I was OK and to talk me through it. They helped me get through the pain, the heartache and the tears. I almost view them as biological sisters.
We hold charity events and on-campus fundraisers, allowing members to gain more community service experience. One of our new philanthropies aims to aid schools in the Hamilton district. The sisters hope to visit the young students and assist them with tutoring and reading. Having experience running all of these varied functions is a great addition to a résumé. Being involved in these activities as well as juggling classes, homework and a social life taught me how to manage my time, which is an important skill to have in the workforce.
Also, sorority members are required to have a certain GPA. Specifically for Phi Sigma Sigma, we are required to have a 2.3 or above. This encourages students to do well in their classes. Sisters in the house are always there to help me study and complete difficult homework assignments. As a bonus, each spring, sororities and fraternities are given Greek Awards. The house with the highest overall GPA is given an award for its accomplishment. We encourage each other to try hard and are there to help along the way to success.
For all of these reasons, I highly recommend the men and women on campus to consider going Greek. All of these benefits apply to each and every house on campus. Greek Life is not for everyone, and many clubs and organizations on campus, such as athletic teams, The Rider News, the RUN TV program and student government, offer these great benefits as well. I hope each and every one of my fellow Broncs aims to gain amazing friendships, get involved, prioritize well and be successful. No matter what, live by Phi Sigma Sigma’s motto: “Aim High” in all of your endeavors.
-Samantha Crawford
Sophomore journalism major
Printed in the 10/16/13 edition.

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