Sophomore Sentiments: Spooky traditions grow with us

When I was in elementary school, Halloween was my favorite holiday of the year. The excitement flushed through me when my parents and I approached the Halloween store each year. What did I want to be — a witch, a princess, a superhero or a villain? There were so many possibilities. When I was a child, candy was also another staple of Halloween along with dressing up with friends at school and trick-or-treating with them later that day. As we grew older, these traditions changed. Halloween is no longer the same. However, we’ve found other ways to make the day equally fun.
Getting dressed up is still part of the day. My friends and I dress up together, and sometimes try to match for a certain theme. However, now that we are older, we are just more creative with a costume. Adults don’t always get costumes from a Halloween store. We now tend to use things we already own, or that might be cheaper, to make a costume. Dressing up still attracts adults to Halloween and keeps the spirit alive. Instead of being princesses and superheroes, we now tend to dress like characters of popular movies, or top musicians, or we make up our costume completely. Unfortunately, we miss out on the fun of wearing our costumes to class like we used to as grade-school students. However, older generations get to show them off at campus dances and parties.
Part of the excitement of Halloween for older generations is getting scared. The last thing I wanted to do as a child was go to a haunted house because I was too afraid. I would cry before I would even enter the venue. Now that is what many young adults and I love to do. Popular haunted venues I recommend visiting are the new walk-in house in Wildwood, as well as the haunted dinner experience in Cape May. Cheaper, yet just as scary choices, are seeing thriller movies in a theater. Getting frightened is the best part.
Parties are the best element of Halloween. Instead of showing off costumes at school, we now show them off at costume parties. Food and desserts are Halloween-themed, as well as party decorations. Some popular Halloween parties students can take part in are the dance on campus, or a house party that has a Halloween theme. No matter what, we’re still able to be creative and have fun with our friends on this great day of the year.
I think Halloween is fun despite anyone’s age. It is similar to Christmas. We no longer believe in Santa Claus but still continue to love Christmas because we get into the spirit through traditions. The spirit never dies, it is only reflected in a different way. Halloween will always be a great day when we can all be whoever and whatever we want. That will never cease to be joyful.
-Samantha Crawford
Sophomore journalism major

Printed in the 10/23/13 edition.

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