Sophomore Sentiments: Different cultures enlighten campus

This past week marked Rider’s International Week, during which a variety of events were held. Westminster Choir College started off with an Art Song Festival on Feb. 22 – 23, while the Lawrenceville campus held its first event on Feb. 23 in the Bart Luedeke Center with a Chinese New Year Celebration, as well as International Karaoke Pub Night.
There were several educational opportunities that students had the chance to take part in each day. From information on studying abroad to a lecture on modern Buddhism, students were able to feel as if they were in another country.
One of the most exciting events that took place this week would have to be the fashion show on Feb. 24. The event was packed with contributions from several cultures that many people enjoyed. I liked the fact that Rider decided to include students in its fashion show because it made the event more interesting for the audience.
As a German minor, I believe that it is important for everyone to learn about other cultures that surround him or her on a daily basis. This is especially important since Rider has many international students in attendance each year. By seeing what other cultures have to offer, students will be able to learn more about their peers.
I really loved that there was an event held called “Vienna: Language of Lieder.” “Lieder” means “songs” in German. The German culture has intrigued me since I started my studies eight years ago, so I am glad that this event was made available to Rider students.
Rider’s newest play is also making its debut during International Week. From Feb. 27 through March 3, the theater department is performing The Misanthrope. For those who may not know, this is a French comedy that was first performed in the 17th Century.
My experience at Rider has become even more enjoyable because I have been able to learn about cultures other than my own. International Week is especially important and exciting to those who are a part of the Foreign Language Department, but because of the several events that took place this week, other students have had the chance to feel the same way.

-Erin Wallace
Sophomore English major

Printed in the 3/1/13 edition.

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