Sophomore Sentiments: Craving Cranberry’s: Lack of delivery leaves our stomachs a-grumblin’

Imagine, it’s a dark, stormy night. You’ve been writing a paper (or watching Netflix instead of doing that paper) for hours, and suddenly, you hear it — a growling noise that may scare small children. What is this hideous beast? It’s your stomach. It is 12 a.m. and you’re starving. But alas, Daly’s has long since closed its doors, and looking at your bank account to potentially order a pizza almost physically hurts. The weather is terrible, and the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC) is just so far from the comfort of your nice warm bed in your residence hall.
We’ve all been there, but could you imagine how different this scenario would be if Cranberry’s delivered? The restaurant caters to the poor, broke college student by offering payment through Bronc Bucks. Cranberry’s could take this one step further by delivering food to the poor, broke, and lazy college student. Now, I’m not encouraging laziness, and walking to the BLC is never much of a trek no matter where you live on campus. But, with the late hours at Cranberry’s, walking to the BLC in the middle of the night tends to worry some people. Rider is an incredibly safe campus, but who doesn’t get a little spooked walking alone at 1 a.m.? This could offer a safer option for students who are hungry in the middle of the night, but are too anxious to walk to the BLC alone.
In addition, I cannot tell you how many times my roommate and I have debated going to Cranberry’s, only to be convinced against it by our own laziness. If there were a delivery option, we would be able to eat our chicken fingers and fries without leaving the comfort of our dorm room, and Cranberry’s would make more money. If they allowed orders from people outside of the store, the store’s business would most likely drastically increase.
Also, Cranberry’s delivering would offer more on-campus jobs. Getting a job on campus isn’t that simple because of the lack of ones that are actually available. If Cranberry’s delivered, drivers would be needed to bring the food to the customers. This could easily create a few more jobs for students on campus.
I’m sure that Cranberry’s delivering would not be perfect. Wait times would definitely be longer than if you ordered in the restaurant, for example. But wait times for delivered food are always lengthy compared to in-house service. Personally, I’d rather wait an extra 20 minutes than have to walk alone in the middle of the night to the BLC. Is that laziness? Perhaps. But, hey, the struggle is real.
-Caroline Forde
Sophomore secondary education major

Printed in the 10/2/13 edition.

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