Sophomore Sentiments: Beat the spring break blues: You have 5 weeks to finish semester on high note

headshot_WEBSpring break just ended and finals are so close you can smell the freshly printed pages and stress. There is a little over a month left in the spring semester.
But first things first — we have to get through these final weeks and finish this semester strong. Now is the time to improve grades or accomplish neglected personal goals.
The semester is not over yet.
Spring break blues of returning might be hard to shake off. Swinging back into the game after having a week of a needed mental hiatus can be difficult. Personally, I have little to no motivation to do anything involving schoolwork.
But we cannot stop now. Turn your brain back on.
To put myself in the “accomplishing” mood, I make a list of things to be done and set up a tentative schedule. Crossing things off helps me see what I am doing and assess my progress. It is like receiving a gold sticker for good work.
One common goal many students share is getting high grades. If you have a grade you would like to pull up, we have plenty of learning resources. Visit the Student Success Center and ask for a tutor. They are great there, trust me. Also, professors can help during office hours — they are not just for show. Of course, you could always ask a friend for some guidance.
When I was having trouble in class, I studied with my friend before the midterm. After a few study sessions with her, I was prepared. Needless to say, I aced it.
Staying on top of assignments and your study game is the number one priority. Otherwise, why are you paying to go here? Make your money worth it. Divide those projects, and conquer.
Without neglecting your grades, students can also shake off the break blues and pursue other priorities. For instance, I am not the most fit person, but I have been trying to develop some sort of fitness routine as summer approaches. However, that has been staggered and unorganized. Here at Rider, we basically have a free gym membership. I am trying to fix this since I won’t have a cost-free gym when I go home after the semester is over. If you share this goal, try taking a friend to the gym with you. Even if you do not work out together, it will motivate you to go. I have dragged a friend along a few times, and those are the work outs I enjoyed the most.
I was a little apprehensive about going to the gym at first. But I asked my friend to drag me out of bed to go with her when she exercised. So far, it has worked out for us. I may groan before I enter the gym, but once we are there, she helps me get in the workout mood.
When leaving Rider, the routine of exercising on certain days will stick. I could just find other ways of staying fit, like doing body weight stretches in my house. Making it a constant habit will make it feel less like a chore and more like part of your life. You can do this with more than just exercise too.
A reoccurring theme here is you need your friends or some support group.
Personal satisfaction will take you far, but sharing is better. How great will it feel when my more-fit friend and I have our warm-up run? Maybe this is just an innate competitive spirit, but I think it helps me to do more and be more.
This semester is coming to a close, but there is still plenty of time to complete anything left undone. This is on you. But, hey, you got this.

-Rena Carman
Sophomore communication studies major


Printed in the 04/01/15 issue.

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