Sophomore Sentiments: 10 findings found freshman year

headshot_WEB1. As much as we want to run away forever, there’s no place like home.
During my first week of school, I was thrilled about being away from home. However, by my second week, homesickness hit me hard. Needless to say, calling your family becomes a necessity when living away from home.

2. Changing your major is normal.
I thought I loved TV, but it turns out my real passion is print journalism. I also had friends who switched from chemistry to political science and from communication to business. Perhaps we were stuck in what my psychology professor would recognize as “identity foreclosure” — thinking we know who we are but not exploring other options.

3. The “Freshman 15” is real… but it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
It’s highly possible that your eating habits will change, and, while it is something to be aware of, you should not forget to acceptx and celebrate your body.

4. Sometimes things are free, and that’s awesome.
I acquired ten T-shirts, six reusable water bottles, three tote bags — the list could go on.

5. Finding the right friends doesn’t happen overnight.
It’s great to go into college knowing people, whether they are friends you made through the class Facebook page or at orientation. Some of these friendships may be short-lived, but eventually you meet “your people” — those who will be there when you need them most and join you on midnight runs to Wawa.

6. Relationships aren’t everything.
Some of my friends had relationships, some spent hours exploring Tinder, and some of us just had no luck. My first attempt at a college relationship, simply put in Taylor Swift’s terms, went down in flames. Instead of feeling heartbroken, I focused my energy on other things. The search for Mr. Right has been unsuccessful, but I did get an internship, so I guess I’m winning at life.

7. Bronc Bucks are finite.
Those people who say they still have over $30 in Bronc Bucks probably refilled their account at some point, and they just want you to think they’re frugal. Or maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better about the 21 cents I have left. How does $175 actually last an individual a whole semester?

8. Personal space is necessary.
You’re surrounded by people all the time, so sometimes it feels amazing to have a night to yourself with your coziest sweatpants and favorite movie.

9. Respect other people’s experiences and backgrounds.
From my professor who survived a battle with cancer, to my friend that shared, in front of an entire class, her story about being sexually assaulted, I am constantly reminded that whether it’s obvious or not, everyone is fighting something, so respect is key.

10. It’s an emotional roller coaster, but it’s also the best ride of your life.
College brings about new friends, more independence and countless opportunities to expand your knowledge. It gets stressful, and you might feel lost and alone sometimes, but the support you have from your friends, family and professors will remind you that you are stronger than you think you are.

–Gianluca D’Elia
Sophomore journalism major


Printed in the 09/09/15 issue.

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