Sophomore recognized as Woman of Power

By Niaomi McGarrell 

Raven Moreno received the Women of Power Young Entrepreneur Award at the Women of Power Retreat event on Nov. 8.
Raven Moreno received the Women of Power Young Entrepreneur Award at the Women of Power Retreat event on Nov. 8.

One Rider sophomore not only has to balance her classes with a social life, but also works part-time as a senior director of a power company located in Dallas.

Raven Moreno, an entrepreneurial studies and international business double major from Austin, Texas, works as the senior director of Stream Energy, a retail electricity and natural gas firm. She recently received the Women of Power Young Entrepreneur Award on Nov. 8 at the Women of Power Retreat.

Held in San Antonio, the two-day event, which occurs each fall for the Stream Woman of Power Group, covers a range of topics geared toward building successful businesswomen. This year, Moreno was recognized not only for being the youngest in the company, but for working hard to make a difference in her life and accomplishing a lot for Stream Energy in the short amount of time that she has been there.

“I have a picture of me on my vision board speaking in front of crowds of people,” said Moreno. “But when I received that award, I was in a state of shock. I had never seen myself getting recognition at such an early age. It just goes to show that if you envision yourself doing something, it will happen.”

Two years ago, Moreno was introduced to Stream through her parents. Being from a family of entrepreneurs, joining Stream made perfect sense to her. Now, two years later, she has been promoted to senior director, which places her in the top 3 percent of the company, and she has about 260 associates under her.

“I quickly realized that I have a vision that most 19-year-olds lack,” said Moreno. “I understand that I am in a complete advantage at my age.”

Moreno assists in enrolling customers with her team of business partners from all over the country. She attends numerous city meetings and events where she shares her story to empower young women to accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Moreno said that the journey is tough. She has encountered many setbacks and people who have told her that it wasn’t worth it. Even a teacher said it was a scam. However, Moreno says she is determined and never let anyone come between her and the vision she has. She has grown a thick skin through the business and has learned to stay committed.

“I surround myself with role models and mentors that are in places in their lives that I aspire to be,” said Moreno. “I would not be where I am at this point in my life without the advice I have been given.”

Through Stream, Moreno has had the opportunity to travel to Samoa, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada and all over the United States.

“My travels enlightened my path to create a non-profit that would focus on educating girls to explore entrepreneurship in their communities,” said Moreno. “That is where Stream comes in. It will allow me to come out of college debt-free and pursue my dream.”

Moreno is an inspirational figure and role model to those who know her. She is part of Rider’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), which seeks to create confident leaders through a series of hands-on activities and community service.

“I do not have a mortgage, I do not have credit card debt, I do not have children, but what I do have is a burning desire to impact the world in my own way,” said Moreno.

On Dec. 4, Moreno, along with two other members, will be hosting the New Jersey Special Olympic Athletics, where she will get to show off her skills in event planning and management.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to show others what leadership looks like, but also great because I will learn even more about leading a group of people,” she said.

Despite all of her accomplishments, Moreno continues to seek additional opportunities in which she can motivate people to be all that they can be. She has documented her journey thus far in a blog, which can be viewed at There, she encourages people to “be limitless.”

“Do not put limits on what you can do,” she said. “You have to keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself in order to prosper.”

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