Sophomore Point of View: Spring break timing sparks dilemma

Spring break was a time of relaxation and rejuvenation for all of us after what has been a whirlwind semester thus far. However, I believe spring break should have been March 25-31 instead.
I know that spring break is placed at the half-mile mark of the semester, but it was indeed a very inconvenient placement. Since we had to attend classes this week, the celebrations of two very important religious holidays have been put on the back burner for some, placing family-oriented students at a disadvantage.
Easter Sunday is a day to spend with family; however, the dates of this year’s holidays have Rider students in somewhat of a pickle. With the last few weeks of school coming soon, attending classes is a top priority to make sure that reports, projects and essays are the best that they can be. It is a definite push and pull for a few students. Should they stay at school or make the trip back home to be with families for one day? It is a difficult decision because family and school are two extremely important things.
For the Jewish community, Passover was also celebrated this week. At a disadvantage once again by the placement of spring break, students who celebrate this holiday may have to miss out on observing this occasion with their families as well.
Consideration for yourself and for others is also a very big factor in this rather difficult situation. If students have their cars on campus, paying for gas may be an issue if they decide to make the trip home for the holidays. Others may not want to have their parents make the trip back up to get them, especially since they drove us to school earlier in the week.
The decision to have spring break the week before these events also affects students who live out of state. They may or may not have been home for spring break, depending on how far they live. Sometimes, nothing beats Easter dinner with family, and unfortunately, they will have to miss it this year.
There are, however, some plus sides to spending these holidays away from home. If someone is far from family, sometimes a generous friend is willing to open up his or her home so that friends will be able to spend time in a family setting, even if it is not their family. It can bring friendships closer together and it also shows the good in people’s hearts.
Students who are opting to stay at school during the Easter weekend will also be able to catch up on schoolwork without any distractions. They will feel very productive with all their school work completed.
Overall, however, the placement of spring break is a hassle for many people at Rider. A simple switch in weeks would have benefitted all of us.

-J’na Jefferson
Sophomore journalism major

Printed in the 3/29/13 edition.

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