Sophomore Dissatisfaction: Bookstore causes purchasing pickle

Paying for textbooks is stressful enough on a college budget, so shouldn’t receiving them at the start of the semester be the least of our worries?

Although I ordered the majority of my books weeks before classes began in order to avoid issues, that choice proved to be my downfall. Shortly after ordering my books, one of my classes changed its professor. You can imagine my alarm when the new professor was holding up a completely different book on the first day of class than the one I bought. While I had no issues returning the incorrect book, I was left waiting for the correct one.

My professor assured us that she had informed the bookstore of the textbook change weeks earlier and there should have been no issues. However, according to the store’s employees, my book was being shipped from another bookstore located in California.

As I patiently waited and fell behind in my homework, I was left wondering why the books were not in stock on campus when the bookstore was fully aware of how many students would need them.

I had a similar situation on the first day of classes. I realized that I was missing a collection of writings from Edgar Allen Poe that I needed. I ordered it immediately, though I didn’t need to start reading it for a few days, or so I thought. I was very mistaken and fell behind on the readings.

Not only was the wait time an utter inconvenience this semester, but the email system was also a complete mess. Some students received emails confirming that their orders were ready for pickup at the bookstore, when in reality, they were not there at all. In my case, I never received any email confirmation and found myself periodically running to the Bart Luedeke Center to check on the status of my order. I feel as though whoever was responsible for that should have been on top of the problem.

Surely there must be an easy way to improve this textbook process. First of all, the bookstore should be responsible with its emails. Although the employees at the store are very helpful, the notification emails are vital in order for this system to be efficient. Without correct notification, students fall behind on their assignments and waste valuable time checking in with the bookstore.

I don’t understand why all of the necessary textbooks were not made available at the bookstore. If the store was notified of the required texts weeks in advance, students shouldn’t have had to wait for their books to be shipped for week-long periods. There is an easier way to keep the books on-hand and readily available to students who need them. As I was not the only one on campus who experienced this problem, hopefully the textbook system will be improved for everyone by the spring semester.

-Sarah Bergen
Sophomore journalism major

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